Cut Bank Schools Business Manager/District Clerk and High School Athletic Director Scott Laird shows how easy it is to access Cut Bank High School sports teams, annuals and more. Check out Saturday when admission to the boys and girls basketball games are free thanks to the CBEFAA. See story below for details.

Looking back at pictures from your high school annual or sporting events is always entertaining and maybe even a little frightening. Reminiscing and remembering those “good old days” just got easier for Cut Bank High School graduates and Wolves fans. 

School officials want to be sure everyone can enjoy those reminiscing moments of looking at high school pictures of years gone by. That explains why they have installed what they are calling, the Digital Trophy Case, easily accessible to everyone right inside the high school gym lobby. 

The Digital Trophy Case is a 55-inch computer, television-like screen with a software program loaded on it that allows the user to view school photographs from a variety of categories.

It is very user friendly and requires only a touch on the screen to activate the program and a few more touches to navigate around, selecting just what pictures you want to view. 

You can look through pictures of past years’ annuals, pictures of sports and the teams that played them and another category called activities, which could include pictures from speech and drama and other school-related activities. Two more categories to come will be pictures of trophies and a Hall of Fame category. 

“The first yearbooks we have date back to the 1920s and go forward from there,” said Scott Laird, Business Manager for Cut Bank Schools. 

The idea of a Digital Trophy Case came about shortly after school started in the fall of 2018. The reality of it took place last spring in 2019 when the computerized digital trophy case was purchased and the software was installed.

The Digital Trophy Case was a joint purchase, with the cost of it being split three ways between three entities, Cut Bank Schools, Cut Bank Booster Club and the Cut Bank Education Foundation and Alumni Association. 

“The cost was $14,109, which was paid for in a three-way split,” Laird said. “It was a good purchase and is open to everyone to look back at pictures of the old days.”

Old annuals and pictures have been off to a company the school hired, who is now very busy making a digital version of everything. It will all be uploaded to the Digital Trophy Case in the near future. And then, let the reminiscing begin.

“We had been thinking about doing this for some time. Our trophy cases are filling up rapidly and in some of those cases, you can’t see or read the trophies lined up one behind the other. Also, a lot of the old pictures people love to view are down the hallway toward the band and choir rooms and those hallways are locked off during non-school hours, making those pictures mostly unavailable,” Laird said. 

The Digital Trophy Case allows access to lots and lots of pictures any time the school’s gym lobby is open. 

If you would like to take a peek at the Digital Trophy Case and maybe find yourself in one or more of the pictures loaded on it, you can do that any time the gym lobby is open to the public, perhaps at an upcoming home basketball game.

On Saturday, Feb. 8, Cut Bank Wolves host Choteau Bulldogs for both a boys and girls basketball game. Admission to the game that Saturday is free, with CBEFAA picking up that tab. CBEFAA is also paying for some free giveaways at the game.

The first 500 fans will get a free Cut Bank Wolves “rally” towel. (Think Pittsburgh Steeler’s Terrible Towel, if you want to know what a rally towel is.) Along with the towel, they will be handing out a reusable 16-ounce plastic cup.

The boy’s basketball game starts at 5 p.m. and the girls will play at 6:30 p.m. “There is actually a full day of basketball in the gym with the C-squad games starting at 12:30 p.m.,” said Laird. 

He added, “It will be the perfect time to come check out the new Digital Trophy Case that is located in the gym lobby.”

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