Linda Burley, formerly of Sunburst and now City Clerk for Cut Bank, has been using all her spare time to sew face masks for those who need them. Teresa Coen of Coulee Quilts took a large number of the ones she made to the local nursing home on Monday.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, medical centers in Shelby, Cut Bank and Conrad need your help.

Marias Medical Center (Shelby), Northern Rockies Medical Center (Cut Bank) and Pondera Medical Center (Conrad) are all doing Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) drives.

Below are items you can donate, challenges you can participate in and organizations that you can donate to. 


If you have the following unused items and in the original packaging, we would greatly appreciate your donation! The medical centers are in need of:

Latex-free gloves, N95 face masks, other disposable face masks, clear face shields​.

NRMC also needs bleach.


Do-It-Yourself Items

Go to mmcmt.org or www.ponderamedical.org/covid-19 for all the links to make the items below:

Washable cloth masks (must be 100% cotton), instructions, video, 3-D printed mask files, face-shields, gown items (pattern coming soon), elastic for gowns, fabric (at least three yards) can be sheets! 

Northern Rockies Medical Center asks that you drop off your clean, unused supplies at the entrance to NRMC located on 7th Ave. SE near the Physical Therapy department. There will be a table located outside the door where there will be no need to enter the building nor have contact with our staff so we can practice safe social distancing. 

A phone number will be at the location for you to call and we will come and pick up your donation after you have left. 

According to NRMC officials, “This request goes out to enable our staff to remain safe and to continue to care for everyone who needs us. Without equipment to keep our staff safe we cannot continue to keep the community safe. We are not out of PPE but we do not want to run out due to there being a global shortage.”

For more information or questions call Stephanie Eney at 406-231-8944 or Toni Altenburg at 406-845-9305.

Over at Pondera Medical Center (PMC), Casey Rasmussen reminds their residents that PMC’s COVID-19 webpage includes links and resources to support your overall wellness. Rasmussen can be reached at caseyr@ponderamedical.org  or (406) 271-3495.


Difficult Decisions

It’s tough, we get it. Canceling parties, businesses closed, family separated. We appreciate you making difficult decisions every day to flatten the curve and continue social distancing. We do not take it for granted. Please know, you’re doing it for us and for our community.

* * * * * *

Maybe you don’t have any items to donate, but you can still help! Marias Medical Ceneter invites you to keep spirits up by joining in the #KeepOnKeepingOn Challenge in support of essential workers. Decorate your home’s front door, share it on Facebook, tag @MariasMedicalCenter and others to keep the challenge going! 

If you are not able to help in any of these ways but would like to give, you can also donate to Toole County Health Foundation. Any donations can be made on mmcmt.org/foundation or through mail at P.O. Box 915, Shelby. Call (406 434-3271 with any questions regarding the PPE drive.

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