The Glacier County Commissioners are still waiting for Glacier County Treasurer Mary Ann Boggs to provide them with the October, November    and     December cash reports. According to Chairman Michael DesRosier, the reports were on the commissioners Feb. 11 agenda for “discussion/approval” but were not available.

The commissioners “accepted” the September Cash Report at their Jan. 28 meeting, pending approval of the report by Clerk and Recorder Glenda Hall. DesRosier said at the commissioners’ Feb. 11 meeting the report has not yet been approved by Hall. The accuracy of the report was questioned due to many of the ending balances for August were not the beginning balances for the September report. The same was true of the August report–July’s ending balance was not used as the beginning balance for August, but the commissioners still approved the county’s August cash report.

City of Cut Bank Interim Mayor Tim Curtiss appeared before the commissioners at the Feb. 11 meeting to request the City of Cut Bank’s overdue tax payments from Glacier County. City officials said they believe they are owed approximately $658,000. The commissioners said they would have the city’s tax payment ready that afternoon.

Treasurer’s Office Chief Deputy Galen Galbreath said the payment released by the Treasurer’s Office to the City of Cut Bank totaled $640,721.35. The amount included taxes owed the City from October of $3,009.39; November in the amount of $108,184.43; and December’s payment of $529,527.53. Galbreath said the county’s protested tax fund includes protested taxes for the City of Cut Bank in the amount of $39,853.67.

The    Glacier    County Treasurer’s Office still has not released the total amount of taxes paid under protest, but during last week’s meeting DesRosier said the amount was approximately $1.67 million.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, the commissioners reported the recall election of Boggs is “all on track.” Glacier County Clerk and Recorder Glenda Hall said the date of the mail-in recall election has been set for March 29. She will be providing more information at a later date.

The commissioners also stated they are in contract negotiations with Denning, Downey & Associates to perform work to again catch up the treasurer’s office. An earlier contract was agreed upon but Boggs refused to sign off on it. Since then, the commissioners voted to file a civil complaint against Boggs for “neglect or refusal” to do her job as outlined in state law. The county is seeking $33,000 in damages from Boggs for 66 incidents of late reports and disbursements.

In other news from their Feb. 11 meeting, the commissioners:

•Approved funding support in the amount of $5,000 for the Northern Transit Interlocal.

•Approved Glacier County Health Nurse Carol McDivitt’s request to hire a permanent part-time employee.

•Cancelled the “Jarvenpaa lease” to provide gravel to Glacier County upon the recommendation of the County Attorney’s Office and Road Supervisor John Evans. The commissioners also approved the appointments of Rod Perry to the Airport Board and Leslie Haggar to the Library Board. Both items were not on the Feb. 11 agenda, but were added to the agenda by the commissioners that morning. This newspaper went on the record during the meeting protesting both actions by the commissioners, reminding them once again items can only be added to the agenda for discussion not action.

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