Mountain climbing has long been a passion for Cut Bank’s Chrissy and Aaron Grimm. They have scaled a handful of mountains in their lifetime, including Granite Peak, the highest peak in the state of Montana. The owners of Glacier Property Group have been too busy for climbing lately. Aaron, a graduate of Cut Bank High School, and Chrissy own and operate rental properties of all sizes in Glacier, Toole and Flathead Counties. 

Remodeling and “flipping” properties looks so easy when you watch it happen on television stations like HGTV. In reality, it is not quite that simple and perfect. 

Aaron and Chrissy Grimm, who own, operate and do the work in their company called Glacier Property Group, will be the first to admit working on redevelopments is “not at all like what you see on HGTV,” said Chrissy. It is, however, something they have “had so much fun doing.”

And they have been doing some of that redevelopment-remodel work right here in the Golden Triangle area.

“Up to this point, we have been purchasing mainly rental properties, including small and mid-size complexes mostly in Cut Bank and in Shelby and more recently in Kalispell as well,” said Chrissy. “We will continue to remodel apartments as needed. We have several projects currently in the works, including more vacation rentals in the region and ground-up developments within Cut Bank.”

Just recently, they purchased their largest project to date, taking on the property that Cut Bank residents know as the Bunkhouse Apartments located on 14 West Main. While remodeling will definitely take place, a new name will be coming soon too, promised Chrissy.

“This is an amazing building that has been neglected and abused for too long. We are looking forward to the opportunity to change the public perception of 14 West Main,” she said. “We have evicted all the pigeons and have begun working to clear all the debris from the building, with the help of several community members.”

The City of Cut Bank came to their rescue by taking all the debris and trash to the dump for them. “The city crew was absolutely amazing during clean-up,” Chrissy exclaimed.

Chrissy said on examination, they found not only exterior vandalism, but interior vandalism as well. “Our current priority is finding the major issues and securing the building from future vandalism and repairing items that were damaged during the time the building was vacant.”

That building has 21 one-bedroom apartments, but the Grimms are thinking of reducing the number of apartments in order to make space for “a handful of two-bedroom apartments, beginning on the first floor.” 

Chrissy said every unit will be completely remodeled with brand new finishes. There will be an on-site laundry facility, as well as an amenities space available for building occupants. “We have a tentative plan to have the first-floor apartments available in the fall,” she explained. 

They are also under contract with the Cut Bank Area Chamber of Commerce to purchase the old Public Drug building located at 4 West Main on the corner of Main Street and Central Avenue. The contract is set to close in the early fall of this year.

“This is a huge project, and we are really looking forward to bringing modern apartment living to the second floor living spaces, while maintaining the historical nature of the building’s exterior,” Chrissy said. “As far as the main floor retail space, we haven’t come up with a definitive plan for restructuring that space but have been brainstorming ideas that would provide Cut Bank with economic variety and growth opportunities.”

Those two projects will change the look and feel of Main Street, in a good way, a very good way. 

“We are really looking forward to the community impact of having two main buildings in Cut bank restored and thriving again. They will not look and feel as they did in the past, but we believe they will bring a refreshed life to Main Street, while providing the historic aspects of what made this town great to begin with. As the buildings draw near completion, we look forward to hiring staff to help with maintenance and management.”

As they work through the logistics and the labor-intensive work of those two big projects, they will continue working on not only additional remodeling and management of the occupied units and unoccupied units they own too.

If the name Grimm sounds familiar to some, there is good reason for that. Aaron grew up in Cut Bank and graduated from Cut Bank High school. Chrissy is from Helena. After the two were married, they moved to Cut Bank, living here from 2006-2008. They then moved on to Eureka, Mont. and then to Seattle, Wash. 

Chrissy worked in behavioral health with high school students prior to them leaving the state for Seattle and Aaron was running a small residential construction company. 

Chrissy is now living in Cut Bank dealing with the day-to-day issues Glacier Property Group has on tap and Aaron is still working in Seattle as the Exterior Superintendent for AvalonBay, the second largest developer in the United States. He manages the exterior building contractors for high-rise and mid-rise construction of all AvalonBay projects in the Pacific Northwest. He works there Monday through Thursday and returns to Cut Bank to be with his family on the weekends. Once his latest project is completed in Seattle, he will be moving to live, work and be with his family, full-time in Cut Bank. 

Glacier Property Group came into existence while the couple and their two children, Aidan, who is nine and Aspen who is six, and their Siberian Husky named McKinley, were still living in Washington state. That is where they started the “flip” business they discovered they really liked. 

The business name and operations came with them to Montana in 2018 and since their arrival, they have been going strong. “We have no plans of slowing down anytime soon and are always evaluating what might be the next right move for Glacier Property Group. We are very excited to be planted in Cut Bank at this time.”

Coming “home” to Cut Bank seemed like the right move and so far, it has worked out well for everyone.

“We are so excited about Cut Bank and being re-immersed in Cut Bank has been fun. We already had several rental properties up and running by the time we moved back, and it almost seemed like we had already been here for a while. We have connected with contractors, laborers, real estate agents and community members that have become our friends.” 

“We are always happy to answer questions. We also have a Facebook page that we are awful at keeping up on,” she quipped. 

To reach Glacier Property Group, Chrissy suggested contacting them at (406) 209-8692 or email at glacierpg@gmail.com.

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