On sale now! Kickstar’s first ‘mass produced’ CD.

There is nothing easy about recording your own CD. First, you have to have good material to put on the CD, preferably something original to make a statement about who you are.

Next, you have to find someone to record it that will give it the professional sound you want. And then you have to market it, which means going out and performing at any number of different venues, ensuring people love what they hear and will buy your CD.

Jimi and Dana Hughes will attest to the struggles of recording their own CD. But they will also tell you what a thrill it is when you actually accomplish it and see your band’s name on it and hear your own songs on it, too.

The Hughes’ band, Kickstar, a band that has performed in Cut Bank, recently released for mass production their first CD called Waiting for Discovery. “We recorded it while we were in New Jersey and at that time, we only had a few songs ready for release. Now, we have another 30 songs and hope to put together a couple more CDs in the future,” Jimi shared.

The CD features Dana who is the lead vocalist and plays the bass guitar, Jimi who plays the lead guitar and a friend of theirs from New Jersey, Jeri Fouhy, who also sings and plays the guitar for them, whenever she can. The songs on the CD were either written by Dana or co-written by her and Jeri.

Their genre of music is termed rock and roll, with, as Jimi said, “a bit of an edge to it. It isn’t heavy metal and it doesn’t fit into the pop genre. We sing more like classic rock or modern rock.”

Kickstar came to be shortly after Jimi and Dana met in Philadelphia. “We were working for the same company. I was driving horse carriages giving tours and Jimi was doing tours on trolleys. We met and discovered we both had a love for music and things progressed from there,” Dana said.

Once they decided to form a band and use those amazing musical talents they have, they knew it was time to find a name for the group. “We were brainstorming a band name one day and we talked about the Motley Crue song Kick Start My Heart and thought about calling ourselves Kick Start. We tried it out in print and somehow one of the t’s fell off the page and it came out Kickstar. We liked it and it worked for us,” Dana said.

“Since then, we got the name trademarked and have had to defend it a few times,” Jimi added.

When Jimi and Dana moved to Montana in 2002, they still hadn’t mass produced their first recorded CD. “We sat on it for a time and then decided it was time to get the CD out there,” Jimi said. “We did our own homemade kind of copies from the original one and those got sent all over the country and even some overseas. But we just never got around to marketing the CD, until now.”

Now, the Kickstar CD is out in a number of places and is something everyone can enjoy listening to. You can find it at Sweetgrass Physical Therapy and Wellness, the business owned by the Hughes, it is also available at Ben Franklin, Cactus Records in Bozeman, Old School Records in Kalispell and at the online store of Kickstar’s at

With one CD out among the masses, Jimi and Dana are starting to put the wheels in place for their second CD. “Deciding on a studio is our next step and then we can start recording some or all of the other 30 songs we have,” Dana said.

If the one CD has you wanting to hear more from Kickstar, Dana said they do have some summer performances lined up, some happening this week. “We will be playing at the Loading Zone in Great Falls on May 30 and the Do Bar in Great Falls on May 31. We will also be playing for the Hi-Line Women Against Breast Cancer’s fundraiser, Bikers for Boobs, on June 8 and at Dusty’s Bar in Brady on July 12.”

No matter the venue, they play good, classic rock with, as Jimi said, “an edge to it.” Pick up their CD Waiting for Discovery and “discover” for yourself what Kickstar is all about. No doubt, you will find yourself tapping your toes, swaying to the music and wishing their second CD was available for purchase.

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