Glacier County Commissioners John Overcast, Michael DesRosier and Tom McKay.

Carol McDivtt, RN, Glacier County’s lead Public Health official, advises people to start or keep acting like COVID-19 is here. As of Tuesday, March 24, there were no confirmed cases in Glacier, Toole or Pondera County. But most likely that won’t last long. And when confirmed cases are announced, the message will be the same.

•Wash your hands often.

•Avoid touching your face.

•Practice social distancing.

•Avoid large groups.

•Stay home if you’re sick.

•Cover your cough and sneezes in the bend of your elbow or tissue.

“There is no one in this entire county who can claim they don’t know the directives,” said McDivitt during the March 24 meeting of the Commissioners. 

“We’ve put out the guidance–we’re doing the best we can,” said McDivitt, but the rumors are out there and her department is doing the best they can to put out accurate information to refute the rumors. “We’re two people strong and we’re doing our best.”

The Commissioners adopted the following plan to “mitigate the spread” of COVID-19 and to protect county staff and the public. The plan was developed taking the “best advice from MACo (Montana Association of Counties), the State and fellow counties, said Commission Chairman Michael DesRosier. The entire plan, as presented and adopted, is printed below. 




•Glacier County Commissioners are making every effort to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19 by following provided Federal Prevention Guidance of “Social Distancing.”

•Commissioners are relying on incite (sic) provided by ICS & DES to base decisions.

•Every effort will be made to protect the Health and Safety of our County Employees.         

•Building will be CLOSED to the Public and doors will be locked.

•Notices will be posted on entrance doors with closure notice as well as Department phone numbers.

•Guidance will be provided for online services.



All auxiliary buildings will be closed to the Public in the best interest of the health and safety of employees and public. 

Closure is also in consideration of Facilities staff’s demand to conduct “deep clean.” Closing buildings will assure that once cleaned building will not be contaminated, preventing staff from having to repeat procedures lightening demand on Facility staff and supplies.


Browning & Cut Bank:

•Closed until further notice

•Library will post notice that library is closed; mail will be diverted to Courthouse, drop box for book return will be locked, notice that book returns dates will be suspended until further notice

•Facilities (staff) will perform deep clean.


•Closed until further notice.

•Notice that all prior engagements will be postponed or canceled.

•Facilities (staff) will perform deep clean.Commissioners:

•Arrangements have been made to continue meetings via “GO TO MEETING.”

•Additional information will be made available as it develops. 

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