Effective Aug., 1, 2021,  Pondera Medical Center, Northern Rockies Medical Center and Marias Medical Center will officially transition their names to align with the Logan Health brand, a step that will bring consistency and connectivity to services across the system.

“We are excited about this transition and the future of healthcare in our region,” said William Norton, Interim Vice President, Logan Health Conrad, “While our name may change, our commitment to our patients remains as strong as ever to meet the health needs of our local communities.”

A unified brand and common naming systems are trademarks of a strong system as it brings all staff together with one vision and contributes to an elevated and streamlined patient experience at all locations. Pondera Medical Center will become Logan Health Conrad; Northern Rockies Medical Center will become Logan Health Cut Bank; and Marias Medical Center will become Logan Health Shelby.

“This is an exciting time for the Cut Bank community,” said Cherie Taylor, Vice President, Logan Health Cut Bank, “We’re thrilled to join Conrad and Shelby as members of the Logan Health family and continue to provide local access to high quality health care.”

The most immediate, visible changes patients and visitors can expect to see is new campus signage, which will begin in the coming weeks and provide design consistency at all Logan Health locations. In addition to signage, patients can expect to see the names of associated clinics and other entities to shift with a new naming system geared toward consistency and simplicity. With standardized and straightforward facility and clinic names, patients can easily find Logan Health services across the region. 

Within the last year all three hospitals announced their intent to partner with Logan Health, recognizing that collaboration would enhance the local healthcare and help sustain the future of the rural hospitals. 

“We’ve been preparing for this transition for almost a year, and are excited about the path forward,” said Ward VanWichen, Interim Vice President, Logan Health Shelby, “Bringing us all together under one, new unified banner will make us stronger and ready for the future.”

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