When he’s not working, Nicholas Hudak enjoys hiking in Glacier National Park. He also is a huge supporter of the Glacier County Library and serves on its board of directors.

Nicholas Hudak has been on the job with Northern Rockies Medical Center for less than two months now but it didn’t take long for him to make the following discovery. “The entire staff at NRMC is both professional and friendly. I am thankful to work in a culture where staff members continually encourage one another.”

Hudak joined the NRMC team on July 20 as the Human Resources Professional. Previously he was the Chief Financial Officer position at Blackfeet Housing in Browning. Before that, he worked as a Financial Services Representative at the Native American Bank, also in Browning.

“Having worked in banking and construction, healthcare is a new venture,” he said. “With that being said, there are universal business principles that easily translate across disciplines. As a former leader of a multi-million dollar housing authority, I am prepared to contribute aggressively to NRMC’s mission well beyond my duties as the Human Resources Professional.”

Hudak is grateful to NRMC’s CEO Cherie Taylor and the facility’s leadership team for “allowing me the opportunity to join an impactful organization.”

Hudak comes to Montana from the Pittsburgh area. He was born and raised just south of Pittsburgh and received his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration in 2017 when he graduated from Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit. He is currently working on his Master of Business Administration from the University of Saint Mary, “with a focus on leadership and organizational health,” he added.

He is obtaining his master’s through an accelerated online program and hopes to graduate in the summer of 2021. He currently holds a 4.0 GPA.

“After graduating college, I worked as a wealth manager for PNC Bank in downtown Pittsburgh,” he said. “Several months into the job, my girlfriend Rachael had the desire to move to Browning to work for the Indian Health Service as a pharmacist. Not wanting to hold her back, we lived apart for a small amount of time until I was able to leave my job. I moved to Browning with nothing more than two checked bags and a carry-on in November of 2017.”

He worked in his Financial Services Representative position for almost a year, “rolling up my sleeves to help the Blackfeet community with their banking system. As a non-native, this is where I became close to the community and began to appreciate the Blackfeet culture and heritage,” Hudak shared. 

A short time into that job, the Native American Bank promoted Nicholas into the relationship manager job for some of their larger clients in town. One of those was Blackfeet Housing. It was not long after that, Blackfeet Housing asked if he would be interested in working for them as the CFO and was soon hired.

As the CFO, Hudak was instrumental in starting a number of new systems and policies and procedures, as well as being part of the construction of a new housing development. 

“I also made a sincere effort to follow a strict human resources policy to decrease our employee turnover rate and allow for added fairness in the hiring process.”

He was involved in the hiring of his replacement and helped in hiring an Executive Director at Blackfeet Housing as well. “I wanted to respect the Blackfeet community’s desire to have a Native-run housing authority. After taking a few months off to start working on my master’s, I found NRMC.”

The mission statement of NRMC was one of the things that drew him to that organization. “Setting the standard for quality healthcare” is a section of the vision statement he firmly believes “we can always expand upon, keeping in mind the tremendous successes of NRMC. Challenging ourselves to continuously be better always results in a net positive for the community that we serve.”

Having come from a much larger population, Hudak expected life in a small town would be different, but in a positive sense. 

“Cut Bank is a strong community. The locals are welcoming and always willing to lend a hand. Although an entirely different experience than Pittsburgh, Cut Bank is full of life and potential,” he said. “As a side note, I am a huge fan of the brewery in town.”

Hudak is also a big fan of the Glacier County Library and proudly serves that organization by sitting on the library’s board of directors.

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