Fred Greco

Thanksgiving is the time to pause and give thanks for life’s many blessings. In 2020, the blessing of good health is something too many take for granted, myself included. It’s not until we hear a family member, friend or neighbor is ill that we realize what a true blessing good health really is.

Fred Greco and his wife, Jamie, and son, Brandon, can all appreciate the gift of health and wellness. A few years ago, Fred was diagnosed with colon cancer and until recently, it was in remission.

Recently, the Greco family learned Fred’s cancer has returned and now has spread to his liver and lungs. Fred is undergoing chemo in Great Falls every two weeks. On those weeks, for now, the Grecos must make two trips to Great Falls for Fred’s treatment.

Anyone who knows the Grecos, know they are wonderful community members. Patrons of the library have nothing but praise for Jamie and all she has done to make the library a place for the community members and their families to gather, relax, learn and socialize. 

Fred was promoted to manager of the Montana Job Service office in Cut Bank earlier this year. He has since set up a home office so he may continue to work during treatment. Due to the Glacier County Commissioners’ decision to close the county library six months ago, Jamie has been furloughed from her job. 

What can people do to help the Greco family? With Fred’s treatments in Great Falls, expenses for travel, food and lodging will add up quickly.

The most practical way to help is by donating gift cards for gas, lodging or groceries. Cash donations to the Grecos’ savings account at First Interstate Bank would also help with mounting expenses.

The Sletten Gift of Life Housing is busy and often hard to get into, said Jamie. When they have to stay in Great Falls due to roads or early or late appointments, they generally stay at the Great Falls Inn or the Wingate. “Both aren’t too expensive and are clean and comfortable.”

With COVID-19 concerns, and the side effects of chemo, the Grecos don’t eat out, unless it is to grab something at a drive thru. Jamie is working with a nutritionist and usually does her grocery shopping at Big Sky Foods where the crowds are smaller. 

According to Scott Gage, CPA, Gage Accounting, “People can donate to the Grecos without any tax consequences to them. It is just a gift that is not tax deductible for the donor and not taxable to the Grecos. When making the gift, write gift in the memo of the check whether you purchase a gift card or have it deposited in their bank account.” 

The Grecos don’t like attention and with so many people affected by COVID, Jamie said it is hard for them to ask for help. With a little prodding, she did admit, “Things are going to be quite a challenge for awhile. We do understand and appreciate that people care and just want to know how to help.” 

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