(UPDATE: Last week at the Tuesday, July 13, meeting in Browning, Glacier County Commission Chair Mary Jo Bremner stated she’d been notified Siyeh Development Corp. would be purchasing the building currently housing the Satellite Office, necessitating immediate plans to move into the new, county-owned facility.

Our friends at Siyeh have since informed us that their corporation has no such plans to purchase the facility owned by Pat Schildt.

They requested we clarify the record and make it clear that Glacier County’s moving out of their current location has nothing to do with Siyeh Development.

We apologize for not having confirmed the information provided during the July 13 commissioner meeting with Siyeh officials before publishing the story.

The comments by Chairwoman Bremner related to Siyeh have been deleted from the story below.)

Human Resources Director Mike Kittson informed the Glacier County Commissioners at their July 13 meeting he is receiving applications for an executive secretary from the Job Service. After rating the applications, some will advance to the interview stage; then the final selections will be presented to the Commissioners in about a week. 

He also noted advertising for a vacancy in the dispatcher’s office in the Glacier County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) and having closed advertising for a deputy’s position. The GCSO is currently rating the applications.

 The Glacier County Road Department is down two people, he said, and for now a temporary hire is filling in until the FY 2021-22 budget comes out. 

Kittson reported the State Librarian and the Library Board are in the process of selecting a new director which will then be submitted to the Commissioners for their approval. 

Kittson then asked for recommendations for the Clerk of District Court position. Chairwoman Mary Jo Bremner said she would put that on the agenda for the next meeting in Cut Bank.

“We really do need the budget,” Bremner said. “The departments usually get it by July 1, so we’ve got financial questions for Chancy Kittson.” He is the county’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

The  CFO Kittson responded, saying he is preparing budget workbooks for each department. “It’s not 100%, but it’s close enough to see where each department is at,” he said, adding he hoped to email the workbooks that evening.

“I’m looking at what we can do with the Satellite Office,” he said. “I’m looking to see what part of the Satellite Office qualifies as infrastructure for ARPA funding.” Kittson estimated the cost of leveling the floor and installing new flooring at around $45,000, noting the recent price increase for building materials nationwide. 

Chairwoman Bremner suggested waiting on some renovation items until material prices return to normal, but pointed out repairing the floor and entryway must be done immediately in the interest of public safety.

Chancy Kittson said he and Pepion would do a “walk-through” and “see what can be done quickly,” noting grants are easier to obtain for a facility that is already operating. 

Road Supervisor Evans said he would bring a load of gravel to even out the parking lot.

CFO Kittson said WIPFLI, the county’s auditor, would be available for the county’s exit audit conference. The Commissioners decided to hold that meeting at 9 a.m. on Monday, July 19, in Cut Bank. Later that day, the meeting was moved to Thursday, July 15 due to WIPFLI having a scheduling conflict. 

Coverage of that meeting will appear in a future issue once county officials have provided requested information.

Glacier Commissioner Michael DesRosier did not attend the July 13 meeting. Former Commissioner Tom McKay observed the meeting, and Eve Boy was introduced as a new hire who will work in the Satellite Office after having been trained in Cut Bank for three months.


Glacier County Commissioner John Overcast asked Commission Chairwoman Mary Jo Bremner during the July 13 commissioner meeting in Browning if Glacier County would be giving financial support to the Tri-County 4-H Fair. Overcast pointed out many young people from Glacier County will be attending the fair. Overcast was referring to the Four County Marias Fair which will be held in Shelby this week.

Chairwoman Bremner responded that while the Blackfeet 4-H Fair officials had approached the Commissioners for support, no one from Tri-County had done so and she had reservations about simply giving them money without having been asked.

“But we always did before,” Overcast said. “It’s important for the kids in Glacier County.” Bremner invited them to meet with the commissioners and make their request.

Overcast said he would contact the Tri-County Fair  officials and have them approach the Commissioners for financial support at their July 19 meeting.

(Publisher’s Note: A review of the FY 2020-21 Glacier County budget found the Commissioners had approved a $2,500 line item for the Four-County Marias Fair under the Extension Office Budget. The Commissioners formally approved the FY 2020-21 budget last fall.

Marias Fair officials submitted a claim for that amount on May 4, 2021 and the claim was approved and paid. All three commissioners – Chairwoman Bremner, Commissioner DesRosier and Commissioner Overcast – signed the claim form, approving the $2,500 payment. Marias Fair officials confirmed they received the payment on May 21.

LeAnne Kavanagh,


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