Glacier County voters rejected both the five-year $1.6 million EMS Ambulance Building Mill Levy and the two-year $1 million EMS Operating Levy in the June 2 Primary Election. 

According to the unofficial results, the Building Mill Levy went down by 600 votes, with 1,829 voters opposed to the levy and 1,229 voting in favor of it. 

The EMS Operating Mill Levy was somewhat closer, with 1,776 voters opposed and 1,302 voting for the added tax.

Glacier County residents voted for a change in leadership when they cast their ballots in Tuesday’s election. Incumbent Glacier County Commissioner Tom McKay was unsuccessful in his bid for a second term. Challenger Brian Gallup picked up nearly 300 more votes than McKay, winning the Democratic primary race, 1,313 to 1,014.

Gallup will now face Independent candidate Mary Jo Bremner in the November general election.

Incumbent Glacier County Clerk of Court Janine Scott, a Democrat, soundly defeated challenger Gerard D. Padgett 1,467 to 864.

With no Republican challenger, she will be the only candidate on the general election ballot.

Glacier County Election officials "crushed it" according to Montana Secretary of State staff who called them on Election Night and commended them for conducting a very efficient primary election. 

All workers were finished and headed home before 11 p.m. In prior primary and general elections, Glacier County was oftentimes the last county to report election results to the Secretary of State Office. 

Clerk and Recorder Mandi Kennerly commended her “whole team, not just the employees but also the volunteers and judges. This is not a one-person job,” said Kennerly, adding, “the credit for everything running smoothly and efficiently goes to my whole team. ”

Kennerly   continued, “There is no ‘I’ in team and my Courthouse election staff and the Satellite Office crew are awesome. They all worked together to get the job done in a timely, professional manner.”

According to election information provided by the Secretary of State’s website, voter turnout was just under 41%, with 3,230 votes cast. Glacier County has 7,903 registered voters in the county. 

In the State Rep. for District 15 race, Glacier County voters cast 299 votes for incumbent Marvin R. Weatherwax and 32 votes for Nick White. 

In the House District No. 18 race, incumbent Llew Jones was unopposed on the Republican ticket and no Democrats filed for the office. He received 244 votes from Glacier County voters.

Kennerly reiterated all results are unofficial until canvassed.

For complete unofficial results for Glacier County, log on to the Montana Secretary of State’s web site at:

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