Delaney Clark, right, had a great showing with her animals at this summer’s Marias Fair, winning not only in the lamb category but boasting the Reserve Champion Market Beef steer as well.

The 2020 Marias Fair was one for the books! Glacier County MSU-Extension agent Kari Lewis has compiled a list of the award winners from Glacier, Toole and Pondera County. Congratulations to these hard-working youngsters on their achievements as dedicated 4-H members.


Grand Champion Market Hog – Jagger Flesch

Reserve Champion Market Hog – Alec Morrisett 

Cat Showmanship

Pre-Jr – 2nd Place – Emily Roberts, 3rd Place – Taylor Curry

Reserve Champion Overall – Emily Roberts


Grand Buck Rabbit – Lexi Stubbs

Grand Doe Rabbit – Lexi Stubbs

Grand Rabbit – Lexi Stubbs

Reserve Rabbit – Lexi Stubbs

Rabbit Showmanship

Pre-Jr – 1st place – Beretta Winkowitsch, 3rd place – Lexi Stubbs

Market Beef

Grand Champion – Preslee Flesch

Reserve Champion – Delaney Clark


Dairy Showmanship – Grand - Destini Anderson

Grand Dairy Animal – Destini Anderson

Reserve Dairy Animal – Destini Anderson

Beef Breeding

Grand Breeding Animal – Wyatt Berkram

Reserve Breeding Animal – Delaney Clark

Top Glacier County Breeding Heifer – Dallas Berkram

Top Pondera County Breeding Heifer – Kade Van Haur

Top Toole County Breeding Heifer – Delaney Clark

Top Overall Breeding Heifer – Delaney Clark

Marias River Livestock Association Awards

Grand Bred Heifer Project – Coalter Littrell

Grand Cow/Calf Pair Project – Wyatt Berkram

Reserve Cow/Calf Pair Project – Delaney Clark


Grand Market Lamb – Delaney Clark

Reserve Market Lamb – Dylan Clark

Reserve Champion Fleece – Grace Rooney


Western Showmanship

Pre-Jr – 1st – Lili Barcus, 2nd – Lahren Fowler, 3rd – Taylor Curry

Junior – 2nd – Sadie Vermulm

Senior – 1st – Grace Rooney

Yearling at Halter

Grand – Josalyn Wilder

Western Pleasure

Level 1 – Grand – Lahren Fowler

Level 2 & 3 – Reserve – Kristen Boumans

Levels 4 – 7 – Reserve – Will Boumans

Western Horsemanship

Level 1 – Lahren Fowler

Level 2 – Reserve – Lili Barcus, 3rd – Jadis Scarborough

Level 3 – Grand – Kristen Boumans, 3rd – Taylor Curry

Level 6 – Reserve – Will Boumans

Level 7 – Grace Rooney

Green Horse

Level 1 – Reserve – Sierra Curry

Level 2 – Reserve - Will Boumans

Bareback Equitation

Level 2 & 3 – Grand – Kristen Boumans

Levels 4 – 7 – Grand – Will Boumans

English Pleasure

Levels 4 -7 – Grand – Grace Rooney

English Horsemanship

Level 6 – Grand – Grace Rooney


Goat Showmanship

Grand – Landan Omdahl

Reserve – Jed Winkowitsch

Dairy Goat

Grand – Ken Winkowitsch

Reserve – Jed Winkowitsch


Hen or Pullet - Grand – Jed Winkowitsch, Reserve – Bridger Molenda

Grand Overall – Jed Winkowitsch

Poultry Showmanship

Junior – 1st – Ken Winkowitsch, 2nd – Jed Winkowitsch, 3rd – Bridger Molenda

Senior – 1st – Landan Omdahl

Grand Overall – Landan Omdahl, Reserve Overall – Ken Winkowitsch


Sub-Novice B – 2nd – Lexi Stubbs

Obedience – Reserve – Lexi Stubbs


Pre-Jr – 2nd – Lexi Stubbs, 3rd – Beretta Winkowitsch

Livestock Judging

Pre Junior Teams

1st – Toole County – Jagger Flesch, Preslee Flesch, Colton Sandon

2nd – Glacier County – Elyse Bengtson, Janae Roberts, Miles Geer

Junior Teams

2nd – Toole County – Delaney Clark, Dylan Clark

Senior Teams

1st – Glacier County – Grace Rooney, Bauer Seewald, Jackie Waller

2nd – Toole County – Cami Blevins, Grady Kerfoot, Conlan Kerfoot

3rd – Glacier County – Brant Seewald, Darci Littrell

Pre-Junior Overall

1st – Elyse Bengtson, 2nd – Jagger Flesch, 3rd – Preslee Flesch

Junior Overall

1st – Delaney Clark

Senior Overall

1st – Grace Rooney, 2nd – Cami Blevins, 3rd – Bauer Seewald

Overall Individual – Elyse Bengtson

Livestock Scholarships

Don Nelson – Coalter Littrell

Mary Perry Memorial – Jordyn Fields

Marias Fair Livestock Committee – Jordyn Fields

Dean Peterson Memorial – Grace Rooney


Beef – Reserve – Preslee Flesch, 3rd – Conlan Kerfoot, 4th – Grady Kerfoot

Top Red Angus carcass – Brett Stoltz

Sheep – 3rd – Emily Roberts

Swine–Grand–Cami Blevins, Reserve – Dylan Clark, 3rd – Janae Roberts, 4th – Morgan Wilder

Fashion Revue

Pre-Jr – Ayalyn Smyth

Public Presentations

Demo/Illustrated Talk

Pre-Jr – Janae Roberts, Jr – Mya Beausoliel, Sr – Luke Fretheim

Overall – 1st – Luke Fretheim, 2nd – Mya Beausoliel, 3rd – Grace Rooney

Prepared/Impromptu Speech

Pre-Jr – Alec Morrisett, Senior – Rachael Hould

Marias River Livestock Association Sheep Publication Presentation Awards

Senior – Grace Rooney, Junior – Delaney Clark and Dylan Clark

Best of Show Winners – Exhibit Building

Sewing and Textiles Exhibit – Kristen Boumans

Decorated Foods Exhibit – Addisyn Bengtson

Photography Exhibit– Destini Anderson

Communications, Visual Arts Exhibit – Destini Anderson

Plant Science & Outdoor Sports Exhibit – Delaney Clark

Mechanical & Industrial Science Exhibit – Beretta Winkowitsch

Large Animal – Elyse Bengtson

High Point Overall

Glacier winner and 3rd overall– Janae Roberts

Toole winner and 1st overall – Avalyn Smith

Exhibit Building Best of Class

Sewing and Textiles

Educational Display – Junior – Avalyn Smith

Sewn Item – Pre-Jr – Grace Hemmer

Quilted – Jr – Destini Anderson

Foods and Nutrition

Baked Food – Pre-Jr – Tegan Boyce

Decorated Food – Pre-Jr – Kaley Sandon, Jr – Addisyn Bengtson


Exhibit – Pre-Jr – Janae Roberts, Jr – Destini Anderson


Scrapbooking – Junior – Addisyn Bengtson

Natural Science

Plant and Natural Sciences Exhibit – Junior – Addisyn Bengtson

Vet Science Exhibit – Junior – Delaney Clark

Shooting Sports Exhibit – Senior – Rachael Hould

Mechanical Sciences

Leathercraft Exhibit – Pre-Jr – Corin Scarborough

Woodworking Exhibit – Pre-Jr – Beretta Winkowitsch, Junior – Jed Winkowitsch

Aerospace, Electricity, Bicycle, Robotics – Corin Scarborough

Large Animal

Sheep/Goat/Wool – Elyse Bengtson

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