Jordan and Jenna Running Wolf and their sons, Jaydas and Jett, enjoy spending time and making memories together as family, especially when it involves the great outdoors.


he Running Wolf family of Cut Bank was recently polled to see what they were most thankful for this Thanksgiving. The results were not surprising. Jordan and Jenna Running Wolf and their two sons, Jaydas, who is 12 and in seventh grade, and little Jett, who is three, were unanimous in saying family is what they are most thankful for and not just during this holiday, but for all other times of the year too. 

Both Jordan and Jenna added they are also grateful they have their health and are more than happy with the good jobs both have landed here in Cut Bank. Jordan is a journeyman lineman with Glacier Electric, having been in that profession for over 13 years, with close to six of those years being with Glacier Electric. 

“I did a lot of traveling when I first started, doing contract work at various other places. It is nice to be able to be home every night now,” Jordan said.

Jenna agreed it is great to have her husband home and spending time with her and the kids. “The kids need him,” she shared.

Jenna is a Customer Service Rep also working for Glacier Electric. She has been with them for the past five years. Before working at Glacier Electric, Jenna worked as a CNA for Glacier Care Center and then at Glacier Community Health Center as a receptionist.

The people they work with at Glacier Electric are not family in the sense they are blood relatives, but in the Jordan’s and Jenna’s eyes, they are wonderful people, making them their extended family. Another group of family to be thankful for.

“The people at Glacier Electric are good people. It feels like a family there,” Jenna added. 

As a family, the Running Wolfs do many things together. Jordan is thankful for getting to hunt with his oldest son, Jaydas. And this year, Jaydas, along with his dad, were thankful for the buck Jaydas shot–a very, very big mule deer buck. 

“Jaydas got a buck of a lifetime this year. Most grown men will never see a deer that big. It measured out with the Boone and Crockett scoring at 200 6/8. It was a big buck. I was really proud of him. The shot he took was great,” Jordan said.  

Even though two years ago Jordan got a bigger buck that scored 207, he was happier with the deer Jaydas got. “That one that Jaydas got was the best one.”

Jordan has been hunting for all of 25 years, using either a rifle or bow, depending on the season. “I think I started hunting even when I wasn’t old enough to hunt,” he laughed. “If it has four hoofs and it is legal, I will be chasing it.”

Most of what he hunts is big game and all of what he and Jaydas get, becomes meat in the family freezer. “We process everything ourselves and we use it all,” Jordan said. 

Both Jenna and Jordan grew up eating wild game and Jenna can add to her thankful list, how great it is to have hunter “men” in her life, helping feed their family.

Jenna used to be a hunter alongside her husband. “I used to bow hunt with Jordan,” she said. “But after I had Jett, I just never got back into doing it. I am, however, happy that the two of them go together.”

As parents, Jordan and Jenna are thankful both their kids are happy and healthy and that Jaydas does well in school. “He just got two awards at school this year,” proud Mom said. “He was awarded the AAA Athletic award and made the honor roll this semester too. He is also involved in football, basketball and track.”

Little Jett is not in school yet, but no doubt, will be following in both his dad’s and brother’s footsteps in the years to come. 

Coming to Cut Bank was a good move for the Running Wolfs, one they are thankful they made. “This is the perfect spot and is a great place to raise our family,” Jordan said.

“This community is really great and we are so thankful to be here and a part of it. The people of this community are so supportive of everyone and everything,” Jenna said. “People never hesitate to reach out and help.” 

Along with working in the community, Jordan also volunteers, having become a volunteer fireman with the Cut Bank Volunteer Fire Department. He is their Training Captain. 

He also coaches high school boy’s basketball as the C-squad coach. And every now and then does some guiding for hunters and fishermen. 

Maybe it is our turn to be thankful the Running Wolf family has decided to call Cut Bank home. They are a welcome, delightful, and wonderful addition to our Cut Bank family and community.

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