The CBHS Class of 2019 received $46,600 in scholarships administered by the Cut Bank Education Foundation and Alumni Association. Scholarship recipients were, left to right, back.  Hailey Wahl, Macee Barry, Kamdyn Molenda, Gus Meiwald, J.R. Seewald, Colby Kraft, Brynne Finstad, Braden Swenson, Madison Seifert; front, Annie Taylor, McKenna Killian, Katelyn Edinger, Jaycee Frydenlund, Jazmine Spotted Bear and Portia Taylor.

  The Cut Bank Education Foundation and Alumni Association (CBEFAA) held its annual “Celebrating Success” scholarship recognition reception, honoring 15 graduating seniors with $46,600 in scholarship awards on Sunday, April 28. 

According to CBEFAA Executive Director Nicole Altenburg, the local organization has awarded over $857,800 in scholarships since its inception. Of that amount, approximately $597,950 has been presented to graduating seniors and another $289,200 to CBHS alumni pursuing their education.

Following is a listing of the students who received this year’s scholarships, their plans for after high school and the name of  the teacher they selected as “most influential” during their high school career.

Colby Kraft–Montana State University for Electrical Engineering; $500 CBEFAA, $1,500 Charles and Gladys Billman Memorial, $500 Dennis and Dixie Roseleip Family EntreLeadership and $250 ACT; Angie Lehner. 

Portia Taylor–Flathead Community College for Radiologic Tech; $500 Miller Family, $1,000 Jack and Margaret Tweedy, $500 CBEFAA and $250 ACT; Bill Hannah.

Braden Swenson–Helena College for Diesel Mechanics; $1,000 Jack and Margaret Tweedy, $500 Somont, $500 CBEFAA and $250 ACT; Brian Hayes

Kamdyn Molenda– Montana State University for Nursing; $500 CBEFAA, $1,000 Lucille Anderson, $1,000 Masonic Temple and $250 ACT; Crystal Kain.

Macee Barry–Montana State University for Business; $500 Ken and Ruth Sammons, $1,000 Jack and Margaret Tweedy and $500 CBEFAA; Gail Hofstad.

McKenna Killian–Carroll College for Nursing; $500 Girl Scouts, $500 Barb Cain/Coen, $500 Masonic Temple, $14,000 Mary Burke four-year Carroll College, $500 CBEFAA and $250 ACT; Carol Morgan.

Hailey Wahl–Montana State University for Nursing; $1,000 Ray and Lois Rimel, $500 Lillian Larson, $500 CBEFAA; Tia Murphy.

Annie Taylor–Pacific Lutheran University for Theatre Tech/Design; $500 Girl Scouts, $1,000 Lucille Anderson, $500 CBEFAA and $250 ACT; Neil Christiaens.

Katelyn Edinger-Flathead Community College for Physical Therapy; $500 Bernice Larson, $500 Golden Triangle Racing, $500 CBEFAA and $250 ACT; Paul Schilling.

J.R. Seewald–Montana Tech Butte for Business; $500 CBEFAA, $1,000 R. Paul Kleinsmith Community Service, $300 Danny Nanini and $1,000 Masonic Temple; Angie Lehner.

Brynne Finstad–Montana State University for Nursing/Radiology; $500 Girl Scouts, $1,000 Ray Maier Community Service and $3,000 Masonic Temple; Neil Christiaens.

Gus Meiwald–Gallatin College MSU Applied Science in Aviation; $500 Masonic Temple, $500 H.C. Davis, $300 Danny Nanini and $250 ACT; Bill Hannah.

Jazmine Spotted Bear–Montana State University for Dental Hygienist; $500 Miller, $500 Masonic Temple and $500 Gene Losing; Tia Murphy.

Jaycee Frydenlund–Flathead Community College for Dental Hygiene; $500 Masonic Temple; Tia Murphy.

Madison Seifert–Flathead Community College for Criminal Justice; $500 Ray Davis; Brian Hayes.

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