Jimmy Racine, the Glacier County Weed Supervisor, and his department have treated over 2,000 miles of roadways in the last three months. 

Glacier County Weed Supervisor Jimmy Racine met with the County Commissioners during their Aug. 19 meeting to explain the county’s policies and procedures in dealing with noxious weeds.

Racine stressed the county weed department is charged with controlling noxious, not nuisance weeds. Their first priority is treating and eradicating weeds along the county’s right-of-ways, roads and other county property. To date, the department has treated over 2,000 miles of roadways in the last three months. 

The county weed department also contracts with the Montana Dept. of Transportation to treat their rights-of-way. In the past, the county also contracted with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the National Park Service and the Bureau of Reclamation but those contracts all ended due to budget cuts, he explained.

The Commissioners asked Racine about providing more public information about the county’s weed eradication processes. He suggested next spring would be a better time to share that type of information due to the lateness of the season.

Racine encouraged residents and taxpayers with concerns or questions to contact him at (406) 873-4362.

In other news from last week’s meeting, the Commissioners:

•Approved the appointment of Austin Castle as the new library director and Kasey Connors and Claire Stone as the two new members of the Library Board.

(See related story on page A3 of this week’s issue.)


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