Northern Rockies Medical Center is all about good health. They treat those suffering from health issues, because that too is what they are about. However, they really do want to help people find ways to get healthy and stay that way.

Their annual health fair is a great way to help you find ways to start working towards that healthy lifestyle.

This year, the health fair entitled Harvest a Healthy Life - Health Fair and Blood Drive, will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 18 from noon to 6 p.m. at the Joe Meagher Memorial Civic Center. A lunch of soup and salad will be served at noon. 

“This year the American Red Cross will join us at our health fair and will be holding a blood drive that same day. Their ‘save a life, give blood’ philosophy goes hand in hand with the health screenings we will be doing,” said health fair organizer, Toni Altenburg, Community Health Improvement Consultant at NRMC. “It is like one stop shopping, where you can come give blood and participate in our health fair all in one place.”

While there is no entry fee to get in the doors for the health fair or to donate blood. There will be a minimal charge for a couple of the health screenings NRMC will be doing that day.

“The birthday lab screenings we are doing that day and the Vitamin D screening, will both have a small charge associated with them,” Altenburg said. 

For more information on the health screenings, call Altenburg at 873-2251.

Joining NRMC and the American Red Cross at the health fair will be Glacier County Health Department, Cut Bank Chiropractic, Glacier Pharmacy, who will be giving flu shots, Costco of Kalispell, doTerra Essential Oils, Zilis CBD Oils and Kalispell Regional Medical Center and their fitness center, The Summit.

“One of our goals for this health fair is to provide community members with health information and health screenings. We want to inspire good health and that is why we push the health screenings,” Altenburg said.

Altenburg admits the hardest part about making the lifestyle changes for good health, is “just getting started. Once you have that step done, you are on your way to getting healthy and then staying that way.”

At this year’s fair, NRMC will also be unveiling some of their new and upcoming health promotions for this calendar year and some that will move into next year. 

“This is an exciting time for us,” she said. “We have some new promotions starting up that are all about good health and they are for everyone. We are planning some three, six and nine month programs that are the proactive, preventative kind of programs that offer little daily habits people can easily change, all in the name of getting healthy. Stop by the health fair and get a sneak peek at what we are planning in the upcoming months.” 

And while you are checking out what programs NRMC has planned for the upcoming year, why not decide to donate blood. 

“We are of the hope that when people come to the health fair, they will decide to give blood too and vice-versa. It seems like a good partnership for us to do this with the American Red Cross.”

According to the American Red Cross website, every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. And approximately 36,000 units of red blood cells are needed every day in our country. And lastly, one donation can potentially save up to three lives. 

Those facts alone should be enough to get more people involved in making a blood donation. And NRMC has made it as easy as possible for you by having the American Red Cross available at their upcoming health fair next Wednesday, Sept. 18. 

A healthy lifestyle awaits you. Come to the health fair and see how to make that happen. It is easier than you think.

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