Town Pump, a 15-year sponsor of the annual MTN Chevy Raffle to benefit Special Olympics Montana, will be striving for new heights in ticket sales this year.

Town Pump hopes to sell 40,000 tickets at its businesses in February and March to raise $200,000 for Special Olympics, an especially vital goal because the COVID crisis will limit sales efforts by Special Olympic athletes and volunteers who are high-risk and remain isolated. Town Pump locations last year sold about 30,500 raffle tickets for a chance to win a Chevrolet pickup, over a third of the 87,000 total tickets sold. Athletes and volunteers sold another 46,000 tickets last year.

“Though the challenge is enormous, we’re confident Montanans will respond and really support the Special Olympics cause,” said Bill McGladdery, director of corporate communications for Town Pump.

Grand prize for the annual raffle is a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado. In addition, Town Pump is donating the following raffle prizes: second place, $5,000 cash; fifth place, $1,000 Town Pump gift card; sixth place, $1,000 Town Pump gift card; seventh place, $1,000 Town Pump gift card.

Tickets are on sale Feb. 1 through March 31 at all Town Pump businesses, including its convenience stores, Lucky Lil’s Casinos, Montana Lil’s Casinos, Magic Diamond Casinos, Lucky Logger Casinos and Town Pump-operated hotels. Raffle tickets are also available at www.somt.org/raffle/ and can be purchased with cash, check or debit cards, but not credit cards. The 2021 raffle runs through May 14 with the drawing May 15. 

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