Doug Vermulm, left, and Erik Nelson took their oath of office at last week’s City Council meeting. Nelson was unopposed in his bid for re-election to a four term and Vermulm was appointed to a two-year term to fill the  vacant seat on the Council.

The City of Cut Bank had a busy, productive, and at times, challenging 2019 thanks to Mother Nature. The following is a recap of the many Public Works projects that have been completed or are ongoing as well as an update on the City’s financial position. The Cut Bank Police Department has also provided an informative report on its policing services and programs for 2019.

On behalf of the City of Cut Bank, I would like to thank Don Grubb for his years of service as a member of the City Council. 

We are also pleased to announce Doug Vermulm has been appointed to fill the vacancy on the City Council. He was sworn in last week and will serve a four-year term on the City Council. Other members of your Cut Bank City Council include Tim Curtiss, Tim Kipp and Erik Nelson.

City Finances

The finances of the City of Cut Bank remain in good standing.  The City Council did a great job with the 2019-2020 budget.  Costs were cut across the board to ensure that rates would be kept as low as possible.

The annual audit found no significant findings and concerns with the City’s financial stability. Funding for the wastewater treatment plant is now complete.  The City utilized both grants and loans to pay for the project.  Overall, the City continues to be responsible in its financial duties.

Public Works Department 

The Public Works department started 2019 plowing, sanding and shoveling snow as we found ourselves in the middle of major winter storms and low temperatures.

The water department repaired seven major water leaks due to freezing of the main waterlines.

 In the summer months the crew chip sealed 21 blocks of asphalt streets, completed major restoration in two alleys, and patched several hundred pot holes and dig areas. The crew also crack-filled about two blocks, kept the city streets swept, and watered and cared for flower pots and garbage receptacles along the streets all summer.

The City Crew did an excellent job maintaining the park system throughout the summer. The Civic Center saw approximately 25,000 users and the pool had a very busy summer.

The water treatment plant produced 223,659,000 gallons of water for use in the Cut Bank area.

The wastewater plant treated about 205,500 gallons of sewage per day. The sewer department also cleaned approximately 5,000 feet of sewer lines.

The solid waste department hauled 520 truckloads of garbage to the district refuge site.

Paving was also completed from the Phase 3 water project.

Cut Bank 

Police Department

The Cut Bank Police Department (CBPD) had a very busy year, investigating 492 cases with 83 felonies and made 359 arrests. Our overall arrests and caseload was down from last year, but our felony cases increased by 19, compared to the 64 felonies in 2018. 

The CBPD has become more efficient in cases involving cellular phone technology and social media. This has greatly increased our abilities in resolving crimes otherwise thought to be at a “dead end.”

During 2019 the CBPD developed stronger relations with federal agencies. One of our officers is now deputized as a Deputy Federal Marshall and works to apprehend felony and violent offenders. We have also worked closely with the FBI on several cases, including the arrest of a sex offender actively attempting to lure a minor across state lines. 

The CBPD continues to show its dedication to the community in providing education and training for local businesses, schools, and organizations. We trained local businesses in robbery training, partnered with banks to teach scam and elderly abuse trainings, and held our annual Kid’s Day in the Park where children are provided school supplies and are taught about safety. 

The Shop With A Cop program continues to draw support from local businesses. This year, we shopped with 20 local children. We also participated in the annual Guns vs. Hoses charity softball game, raising money for local youth programs. 

We invite any organization to take advantage of our classes and trainings. Please call and speak with Chief Michael Schultz or Assistant Chief Joshua Simonds for more information. 

In 2020, the City of Cut Bank will continue in its efforts to work with businesses and organizations in our common goal to make Cut Bank a great place to live, work, and visit.

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