“We ain’t going to make it,” stated Glacier County Commissioner John Overcast on Monday, April 20. Overcast and Vice-Chairman Tom McKay met briefly and accepted the delinquent January and February cash reports. Due to technical difficulties, the meeting was not available by telephone or videoconference. In recapping the meeting, Overcast said the report of the county’s finances after last week’s payroll and claims was bleak. 

“There is only $851,203.63 in the bank and that’s not our money,” said Overcast. 

According to the report, funds coded for Browning Elementary School, Browning High School and County-Wide Transportation total $1,042,699.22. “Just those three funds are more money than is in all our accounts right now,” said a concerned Overcast.

Several Glacier County funds have negative cash balances on a preliminary report reviewed by Overcast. Those county funds with the largest negative balances include:

•PILT Fund


•Public Safety




“We need an infusion of about $6 million,” said Overcast. 

Glacier County Treas-urer Don Wilson is still working with School District No. 9 to complete the transfer of school district funds still held by Glacier County. 

Last October, Debra A. Silk, the attorney for the Browning School District, as well as the East Glacier and Mountain View Elementary, applied for “Writ of Mandate” asking the District Court to require Glacier County Treasurer Don Wilson to “immediately” enter into agreements and transfer “all school funds” currently in his control to the three school districts. 

Silk included in the court documents a letter from Donna Yellow Owl, Chair of the Browning School Board, to Glacier County Commission Chairman Michael DesRosier. In it she denied his request to set up a meeting with the school board to discuss School District No. 9 loaning Glacier County $4 million.

With the exception of the Browning School District, the County completed the transfer of funds to the other school districts in January. 

Browning Schools Superintendent Corrina Guardipee-Hall provided the following update on the status of the transferring of the district’s funds. 

“Our finance director, Stacy Edwards, is working with the Treasurer Don Wilson to finalize the amount owed on both sides. There is currently a significant amount that they are trying to reconcile together…Once all the warrants are entered into the software system, and we have a list of outstanding warrants that have not been accounted for, we will have a better figure of what the County still owes the District.”

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