The Cut Bank Education Foundation and Alumni Association (CBEFAA) serves up breakfast for all Cut Bank Schools faculty and support staff to not only welcome them but also show their support for all they do for the students. Pictured above are board members Lisa VandenBos and Chelsey Brown; Amy Overstreet, Executive Director; board members Scott Gage, Shelley Larson and Joyce Lewis.

Enrollment is up 10 students at Cut Bank High School from last year’s opening week’s numbers, but overall enrollment is down 22 students, reported Cut Bank Schools Superintendent Wade Johnson. Early enrollment numbers list 219 high school students compared to 209 last year and district-wide enrollment of 748 compared to 770 last year.

That figure includes 43 students at the district’s attendance centers at the four Hutterite Colonies. 

Johnson expected these numbers to change after the Labor Day holiday.  

Initial enrollment is down by 19 students at H.C. Davis Elementary School and 14 students at Anna Jeffries Elementary School. Last year, H. C. Davis had 223 students in mid-September but pre-Labor Day enrollment was listed at 204. Anna Jeffries’ fourth and fifth grade students numbered 111 last week, down from 125 last year.

Cut Bank Middle School’s enrollment is up by two students compared to last year. While the enrollment in the sixth and eighth grade are down, the seventh grade enrollment is up 23 students. Last week the middle school enrollment was listed at 171, compared to 169 last year.

The following is a list of this year’s class sizes as of Sept. 3 and last year’s classes as of Sept. 10.

H. C. Davis Elementary School

Kindergarten. 65 (76)

First Grade.  45 (47)

Second Grade. 46 (54)

Third Grade. 48 (46)

Total                          204 (223)

Anna Jeffries Elementary School

Fourth Grade. 48 (65)

Fifth Grade. 63 (60)

Total         111 (125)

Cut Bank Middle School

Sixth Grade. 54 (63)

Seventh Grade  69 (46)

Eighth Grade. 48 (60)

Total             171 (169)

Hutterite Attendance Centers

Hidden Lake. 16 (13)

Horizon  9 (12)

Glacier  11 (10)

Zenith  7 (9)

Total.  43 (44)

Cut Bank High School

Freshmen. 55 (77)

Sophomores. 75 (54)

Juniors  60 (33)

Seniors  29 (45) 

Total             219 (209)

All Schools           748 (770)

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