Glacier County Treasurer Don Wilson changed the report he uses for the monthly “cash report” last month. At the March 26 meeting in Browning, Wilson presented the Commissioners with a “Confidential” cover sheet stating, “DO NOT distribute or allow access to ANYONE other than yourself. In accordance with HIPA laws, distribution is a criminal offense.”

Wilson most likely meant HIPAA, which is the acronym for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. HIPAA is a law that provides data privacy and security regarding medical information and does not apply to any of the funds on the Glacier County Cash Report.

The report presented by Wilson was labeled “Summarized Income Statement.” According to the report, Glacier County’s budgeted revenues for 2018-19 are $10,707,903.00 but the budgeted expenditures are $11,913,054.00. 

According to the report, the “net income from operations” for February 2019 was -$531,805.60.

Wilson said he was advised not to speak to this newspaper so no additional information or explanation about the report is available.

A copy of the L160 Operating Cash Report, which is the format that has been presented to the commissioners for the last several years, lists 27 Glacier County funds in the red with balances totaling more than -$5.6 million.

The March 2019 Cash Report is due April 20 and most likely will be presented to the Commissioners on April 23 at their meeting in Browning.

Glacier County Funds with

Negative Cash Balances on Feb. 28, 2019

General Fund-$1,537,924.47



Cemetery District-$117,892.71

City-County Planning-$18,929.88

Public Safety (Law Enforcement)-$993,499.53


Search and Rescue-$17,084.09

Glacier Park Lights-$4,935.12

Multi-County Landfill-$16,110.00

DUI Prevention (STEP Funding)-$27,431.03

Noxious Weed Trust Fund-$2,028.13

911 Emergency-$46,929.69

Glacier County Transit-$72,213.92

DNRC Grant-$852.15

Accelerated Tax-$5,256.15

Sheriff Grant (Stonegarden)-$53,116.51

SVOR Reim. Grant-$794.50

CDBG-Regional Impact Assessment Grant-$15,606.57

CDBG-BCC Grant-$192.00

Transportation Alternatives Program-$174,008.97



Tobacco Grant-$5,350.75

Immunization 3rd Party Billing Grant-$1,192.97

ReAct Mini Grant-$37.78

Glacier County Ambulance Capital Improvement Fund-$1,638,933.75


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