Kacie Fey started her coffee shop on Cut Bank’s Main Street in April of 2012. With a new building in 2013 and a major remodel in the past month Kacie and the Latté Da gang are ready for the future.

When Kacie Fey started her own coffee shop in April of 2012, it was in a small concession trailer placed on a semi-empty lot located by Cut Bank Auto Body on Main Street.

It was not long into that new endeavor Kacie realized a bigger, heated space was going to be warranted. It was, after all, Cut Bank and heat is required in a building almost year-round.

“So, I closed down in October of that year, built the building we have been in for the past eight years, in the same space, and opened Latté Da on Valentine’s Day of 2013. And we have been going strong ever since,” beamed Kacie. 

For the past eight years, Kacie and her two employees, have been serving up coffee drinks of all kinds of flavors, sizes and styles. 

“We have been growing more every year,” she stated. That is evident by the line of cars stemming from her little building, spilling out into the parking spaces lining Main Street. Everyone patiently waits to go through the popular drive-up window for their daily caffeine, Latté or cappuccino fix. 

“Lately, however, we have been experiencing some real growing pains,” she said. “As a friend told me, having growing pains is a good thing for a business, so I am not complaining.”

Knowing they were outgrowing the little building built eight years ago, they started considering how to deal with those growing pains. 

More storage space became the highest priority.

“In the beginning I was only ordering a few flavor bottles at a time and could keep those stocked in our coffee shop. Same with coffee and cups. Now, I order bigger quantities because we are going through everything a lot faster and I need more space to store all the supplies.”

A new storage shed was added and attached to the existing building, with a walkway placed between the two spaces. Heat, electricity and some shelving will complete the storage space, giving Kacie and her crew a lot more room, not only for storage, but just to move around inside the coffee house.

With the first answer to the growing pains problem taken care of, Kacie decided the inside of the building could use a little sprucing up too. So, last weekend, they gutted the inside and got to work on the main, coffee-serving space of Latté Da.

“We are adding new counters, flooring, a new, bigger refrigerator, and a coat of fresh paint. I also have some ideas on some new looks for a couple accent walls,” she added. “The inside will be a more ‘worker’ friendly space for all of us.”

Latté Da closed for a few days while all of the remodeling was happening, but Kacie expected it would be business as usual in a new space by mid-week.

“I am really excited about the new look we will have,” she said. “The inside needed a new look and now the outside, with the storage shed has one as well. I may work more on the outside when the weather gets better, some paint and I have even been thinking about a new sign. We will work on that in the future.”

Kacie recognized that Latté Da and its success, would never have been possible had her in-laws, Pete and Ginger Fey, not provided her with the location for her coffee dream.

“I cannot thank my in-laws enough for allowing me to put my coffee shop in this great location. I have been truly blessed by their generosity,” she proclaimed. 

And then there are Kacie’s customers. “I am also so thankful for all my customers, their loyalty and patience and their continued support over these past eight years. My little shop would not be what it is without the wonderful people of Cut Bank supporting me. It means the world to me!”

If coffee is your desire, Latté Da can “fix” you up. The coffee hours for drive-through are Monday through Friday 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturday 7:30 a.m. to noon. 

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