Erin Kittson’s daughter, Julianna, loves to bake with her mother, Erin, who has a home-based business, Kittson’s Kitchen. Erin creates amazing cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more sweet treats, oftentimes with the help of Julianna. Erin is making a name for herself as the premiere cake baker and decorator in the Golden Triangle area.

In Erin Kittson’s world, as the saying goes, “There is always cake.” Erin is a cake baker, creator and decorator-extraordinaire. Her creations bring smiles, oohhs  and aahhs and the repeated compliments of “that cake is absolutely wonderful!” 

Erin’s first business was making and selling home décor items and hand-made aprons. That was six years ago. 

She still sells those on her website, www.kittsons-kitchen.com, but has expanded her business to include making and decorating cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, sugar cookies and even macaroons.

“I started out making cakes for my family and some friends and realized I really enjoyed doing it and it sort of took off on its own after that,” Erin said. 

Once she started posting pictures of her beautifully decorated cakes and cupcakes on Facebook, it did not take long for people to start requesting a decorated cake or a dozen cupcakes for an upcoming birthday party, holiday or other special event. 

“I get all sorts of different requests,” shared Erin. “Once someone contacts me, we talk about what kind of cake, the size, the flavor they want, layers or just a single layer and what, if any, theme they have for their event. After I know that information, I can start creating the cake for them. I usually ask for a four-week notice on cakes as some of them take a lot of time to make.”

For the cake creations Erin makes with different figures like people or buildings, she makes them out of fondant, which means once she molds the figures, they have to sit to dry, which can take a few days and then another layer of creation takes place, which also has to set, and so on. No wonder she needs a few days, or even weeks to make her masterpieces. 

The cakes Erin makes are from scratch and they taste delicious. “It is very important to me to have a great looking cake that also tastes great.”

All her scratch-made cakes and the beautiful decorations adorning them are all of Erin’s own making, her own self-taught making. 

“I have pretty much taught myself how to do all of this,” she shared. “I would take all sorts of different pictures, look at them and decide how I could recreate it and then I would. It has been a lot of fun and a great creative outlet for me.”

If a beautiful cake is something you would like to have setting in the center of your table at your next event, you can give Erin a call or contact her on Facebook or her website. Erin’s cell phone number is 406-468-5679.

“I am limiting the orders I take right now. That means I can do my best work on the orders I have and not feel rushed to complete any of them,” she said.

Erin is not a Cut Bank native, having been born and raised in Atwood, Kansas. After high school graduation in 2001, she moved to Denver where she went to cosmetology school for hair and nails. She worked in Denver for five years and then moved to Tucson, Ariz. where she lived and worked for another five years in the cosmetology field.

It was there that she met her husband to be, Mike Kittson and they had the first of the two children they have, Noah, while in Arizona. Julianna is their second child. 

“We just kept moving north to Montana and ended up back where Mike was born and raised in the northern part of Montana,” she said.

Mike was born in Browning and his family still lives just outside of Browning. He is the Human Resources Director for Glacier County.

Erin’s website, www.kittsonskitchen.com, has a “store” and a shop on it and Erin is in the process of updating the whole website. She will showcase her cakes and cupcakes on the site, but will also be selling her home décor items and hand-made aprons.

“I am hoping in the future to add some party décor that will tie into the cakes I make,” she said. “I hope to have it all updated in the next month or so.”

The party décor will include plates, napkins, cake toppers, “all items are customized and can be purchased to match the cake I have created.”

Each cake is its own masterpiece and every cake Erin makes, “is a challenge for me. When someone asks me if I can make a certain cake, it becomes a challenge for me and then it becomes fun to make it and put it all together. It is always great to meet everyone’s expectations and surprise them with a really cool cake.”

Erin admitted her son Noah, who is 10 years old, is her biggest critic, but also one of her biggest helpers. “He makes sure I make it as authentic as possible. If I put a figure on it and it doesn’t look the way he knows it should, he tells me and I start over.”

Her daughter, Julianna, is six years old and while she isn’t quite the critic her brother is, she still wants to lend a hand. “She always wants to help, but there are just some things I don’t need her help with,” Erin laughed. “I usually set her up with her little pile of things to play with and help her make her own creations.” 

Now you know why “there is always cake” in Erin’s world. Cakes are her world; beautiful, original, tasty, Erin-decorated cakes. Try one. 

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