Cut Bank Harvest Foods may have changed its name to Cut Bank Big Sky Foods but deli lovers will still find Donna Beaulieu in their deli turning out delicious daily specials and whipping up impressive meat and cheese trays, tasty hors d’oeuvres and more!

What was Cut Bank Harvest Foods, is now Cut Bank Big Sky Foods. The name change is “because we no longer belong to the Harvest ad group,” said co-owner Ed Blake.  He and Jim Reiter own and operate the independently-owned Cut Bank grocery store. “The decision was made to move to the ‘CenterPlace’ ad group because we can offer our customers better weekly ad prices.”

Doing what is best for their customers has always been at the forefront of this store and as an independently owned store, they can assure that will remain their primary goal.

“We will still carry the high-quality brands we have in the past. And we are adding hundreds of new items for better selection,” Blake assured his customers. “We encourage our customers to let us know of items they would like us to stock.”

Big Sky Foods will continue with many of the popular and well-known services and departments their customers have come to know and love. 

Their full-service deli that serves a variety of hot and fresh items for lunches or dinners and offers a full slate of other meats, cheeses and salads and nothing will change now that the store is Big Sky Foods.

Their meat department has always had top of the line, fresh items and at comparable and reasonable prices. That will not change with the name change. The meat department will continue to provide a wide variety of cuts of beef, chicken and pork. 

“The things our customers enjoyed with the old banner will not change, things like our high-quality meat department and deli serving lunch specials,” Blake said.

And the staff that excels in customer service will still be behind the counters, stocking the shelves or helping you finish your shopping experience by doing your final check-out.

“Our friendly staff will remain the same and our service will remain a top priority.”

Glacier Pharmacy is no longer the newest part of the store, having been open and functional for over six months now.

Blake and Reiter partnered with Ann Clark, owner of Northtown Drug in Shelby, and brought the pharmacy into the store creating as the owners said, “an even better shopping experience for our customers.”

Glacier Pharmacy is proud to offer local delivery of prescriptions. If this is a service you might be interested in, they suggest you contact one of their pharmacists at 873-0404 for more information.

Glacier Pharmacy also has an app for your smartphone where you can request refills on your prescriptions. Check out their website at glacierpharmacy.com or on their Face Book page for more information regarding that trendy new service.

Another partnership Big Sky Foods is maintaining in the name transition of the store will be with Rose Petal, a local florist shop that has been placing flower arrangements for any occasion in the grocery store. 

“We will still partner with local businesses like Rose Petal for floral needs and with Glacier Pharmacy, which now offers local delivery of prescriptions,” Blake added.

What was Harvest Foods, is now Big Sky Foods. Customers will see some changes from that name change, but the good news is, a lot of what makes this store popular will remain the same. That is good news for their customers.

“We feel the change will help us better serve the community and give our shoppers the best shopping experience they deserve,” concluded Blake.

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