Smiles Across Montana visited the Southern Peigan Health Center School-Based Clinic in Browning and the School-Based clinic in Heart Butte the week of Sept. 14-18.

The Southern Peigan Health Center School-Based Clinic in Browning and the School-Based clinic of Heart Butte welcomed Hygienist and Dentists with Smiles Across Montana on the week of Sept. 14-18. Smiles Across Montana focuses on serving rural and native lands with a vision to “create a sustainable, equitable and consistent presence in vulnerable communities throughout our entire state.” With two open exam chairs in each location, a total of 32 adults and 72 children were served last week. Services provided were exams, x-rays, sealants, fluoride, cleanings                          and referrals to new potential dental homes for each patient. 

Smiles Across Montana’s amazing staff includes dentists Dr. Leslie Hayes and Dr. Kirk Stetson. Dr. Hayes is a member of the Board of Dentistry and an executive member of the Academy of General Dentists with over 30 years of practice. Dr. Kirk Stetson is retired Air Force with 15 years of service and 20 years of private practice. 

With over 90 years of combined years of expertise, the team’s hygienists includes Cara who has been in the dental hygienist business for 10 years; Melissa who brings 28 years of service to the team; Crystal who contributes 22 years of practice; and last but not least, Julie who has 32 years of experience. 

The community of Browning and the Blackfeet nation would like to extend our greatest appreciation and gratitude to the Smiles Across Montana Team and we look forward to working with them again in October to serve more smiles here at home.

Stay tuned for dates and how to schedule an appointment when Smiles Across Montana comes back to Browning. Don’t hesitate to contact the School-Based Clinic at 338-3948 or the Heart Butte clinic at 338-4872 for any questions.

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