The father-son duo of Rusty Mittens and his son, Clay, were this year’s burnout winners at the Montana Fun Weekend. Rusty won first and Clay was a close second!

Rain is good for crops, for our lawns and empty bird baths; but for car shows–not so much. In spite of the rain that plagued the Montana Fun Weekend (MFW), it was still a success.

There was a good turnout for the burnout contest Friday night with some spectacular smoke clouds visible from Cut Bank and a great finish with a super burnout compliments of “Harley and Davidson.”

Over 60 cars and motorcycles (and one pedal car) braved the weather and came from as far as Glasgow, Condon, Kalispell and Great Falls. It was extremely rewarding to those of us, who worked so hard to put on a good show, to see both the vehicles, and the public come out in the rain and enjoy the weekend.

As the rain came and left and came again, the car owners used their chamois multiple times with no complaints. That’s dedication and for that we thank you.

We would also like to acknowledge the local folks and businesses who helped:

The Cut Bank International Airport board and staff for providing the ideal venue. Thanks to Dave and Ron for all your help.

Henry Alme who has consistently helped in many ways from the first year of the show. There would be no lights and much more without Henry’s help.

The guys in the Cut Bank Volunteer Fire department who have always been there to put out the fires. Fortunately, we haven’t had any as yet. Plus, every year they clean the hangar floor to make it more sanitary for everyone.

Logan Health Services for providing a team of EMTs and an ambulance, just in case of an injury.

NAPA Parts for the popcorn. What would a movie be without popcorn?  We had a good crowd for Smoky and the Bandit.

It was great to have the members from the Moose Lodge 334 there to provide their breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Albertsons for donating masks to comply with tribal Covid regulations.

In the promotion department, thanks goes to the Cut Bank Pioneer Press for their well-done ads and news stories, and to KSEN and especially Jerry Puffer for his help and interview time on the air.

How about that cool ticket booth?  It was compliments of Montana Shed Center in Great Falls with Steve Zimmerman’s help. It kept the rain off the ticket sellers from the Cut Bank High School volleyball team and was much appreciated.

While most of our vendors deserted the show without explanation after Friday night, Red Lemieux and his “Red’s Dirty Dogs” stand stayed on board and did a great business. We hope to see you next year Red.

As unofficial and “kind-of” coordinator of the MFW, I especially want to thank our great car group and their families who helped to make the show a success under bad conditions. They have dedicated hundreds of hours to make the show possible and it couldn’t have happened without them. Also, a special shout-out to my wife, Eloise, who keeps me enthused and always finds ways to make the event better. If I forgot anyone, I’m sorry.

Finally, a bad news-good news conclusion to our story. 

As most of you know by now, much of the income from the car show was stolen from the site. Hopefully, at the very least, this results in incredibly bad Karma for the thief. After the news was made public, several local businesses and many private donors came forward to help cover the losses. 

Even though I would like to thank them by name, they all wish to remain anonymous. That’s the great thing about living in Cut Bank, and we thank you all. 

We’ll see you in August of 2022.

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