Bryan and Alice Simons embody creativity in their approach to Curiously Artisitc, with a wide range of ideas and products lining the walls and shelves of the shop.

Sometimes the most wonderful places to shop are those places tucked behind a cozy storefront that you just might miss if you did not know it was there. Cut Bank has just such a place at 217 West Main Street. It is Curiously Artistic.

If the name sounds familiar, there is a good reason for that. That sweet little shop was open for business several years ago, but when owners Bryan and Alice Simons got busy with kids and family-life, they opted to close the shop, but just for a time.

This summer, on the weekend of the Lewis and Clark Festival, Bryan and Alice decided it was the right time to reopen Curiously Artistic. Their current shop hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday. 

In the beginning, the little shop sold pottery they had crafted from their own hands. They also sold some of Bryan’s amazing photography work. “We are still offering pottery, our custom glasswork and photography,” Bryan added. “We have added custom engraved items including woodwork, cribbage boards, custom glasses and custom engraved tumblers. We have been working to add new items on a regular basis to give people something new to look at each time they visit the shop.”

If you haven’t seen any of Bryan’s photography pieces, stop in and see some of the fabulous pictures he has taken and then framed. You can also view and purchase some of his pieces as well as other items, off their website at curiouslyartistic.com or check them out on their Facebook page at facebook.com/curiouslyartistic.

With the photography, pottery and other items the shop sells, Bryan said, “Our new focus is to remain flexible and try and provide as many custom items as we can for people. We are now set up to be able to quickly handle custom orders so people can get things like custom glasses and tumblers locally with a quick turn around.”

He continued, “We are trying to keep things fun and give people the options needed to create items their own way. We have many comical tumblers and glasses in stock, and everything can be customized.”

You can put your business name on glasses or tumblers, your family name, kids’ names or even your pet names. You can add pictures, words, saying, anything you can think of to the items they customize. Just stop by the shop and share your idea and they can make it happen. 

Bryan is not originally from Cut Bank but has been here since the late 1980s. Alice was born and raised here and currently works at the Edward Jones office in Cut Bank. 

“I ran a computer business for over 20 years while doing some of the shop stuff on the side,” said Bryan. Lately, however, he has “been focusing on switching over to the shop full-time.”

The couple has three sons, Elijah, who is 17 and a senior at Cut Bank High School; Noah who is 15 and is a freshman at Cut Bank High School; and Parker who is 10 and in fourth grade. 

Curiously Artistic is a shop that is all about being creative. “When we came up with the name, we just wanted something whimsical that wouldn’t limit what we could do,” Bryan explained.

That defines the shop perfectly, a place with imagination, a place of fun and a place with a good home, located on Main Street in Cut Bank.

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