Anymore one can find an app for almost anything, banking, dating, home security, the list is endless. Shelby resident Tim Moylan has created and added one more app and website, In A Pickle, to the list that will be available for Montana residents on Sept. 1.

According to Moylan, In A Pickle is a “web-based membership platform that connects users for peer-to-peer transport. The service not only provides users with assistance in having their transport needs met, but may also act as a source of income for users providing the assistance.”

Moylan came up with the idea a couple of years ago after finding himself and his wife making weekly, 90-mile trips to Great Falls.

“That trip became overwhelming,” said Moylan. “I wanted to make an app that would connect people, like me, to other residents who were already driving to Great Falls so I could avoid that trip and do the same for my neighbors when I had travel plans,” said Moylan. 

“When COVID-19 steamrolled through Shelby, I knew I needed to follow through with my idea. In A Pickle helps my community members access our neighboring communities without over exposing themselves to the virus,” he explained.

Users of the app are able to post their needs for transport assistance and are then connected with others on the app who are able to help them out. The app helps users make all the arrangements, including paying for the cost of fuel and offering compensation to the person helping them for their time. The app is available for users and communities all across Montana.

Anything from arranging to haul farm equipment, pick someone up at the airport to returning or picking up items from a store, are all options through this handy, web-based app. It is accessible on any computer or mobile device online at www.inapickle.app.

“I’d like to see one user take one trip while helping multiple members at the same time,” said Moylan. “I’d also like to see the In a Pickle platform become a means of income for their efforts as other users can compensate them for their assistance.”

A lot of times Montanans in rural areas are left with no option other than to travel long distances to access products or deliver materials to larger communities. That comes at a cost, both financially and time-wise.

In A Pickle serves Montana’s rural communities by connecting neighbors who are already traveling to and from destinations with other members who need access to those destinations,” said Moylan.

Not only will this fantastic new app help reduce the spread of COVID-19 from community to community, it offers a convenient and invaluable service to the many rural residents across the state. As a bonus, the first 50 members to sign up in each region across the state will have the small service fee from In A Pickle waived. 

If you are one who does a lot of traveling this could be a fantastic opportunity to make a little extra cash while logging the miles. For those who are limited on their ability to travel, for whatever reason, this app could prove to be an invaluable option for picking up or dropping off items. 

The app will be available come Tuesday, Sept. 1, and all are encouraged to log on and check it out. 

You just never know when you might find yourself “in a pickle!”

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