Do you have your rake, push broom, trash bags and work gloves ready? City officials have set the date of the annual town-wide clean-up week for May 18-21.

City Superintendent Jim Suta has organized his crew to pick up residents’ clean-up debris begin­ning on Monday, May 18 and con­tinuing through Thursday, May 21.

Residents who live in the southeast part of town, beginning at South Central Avenue and continuing east, should have their trash ready to be hauled away on Monday, May 18.

Tuesday, May 19, the city crew will be picking up unwanted “stuff” be­longing to residents who live in southwest Cut Bank. They will start Tuesday morning on South Central Avenue and work west throughout the day.

North­side res­idents will have until Wednesday, May 20, to get their property cleaned up and ready for the city crew to take away their trash.

If you missed them the first time around, the city crew will come by and pick up your trash on Thursday, May 21. The only catch is you must call and make an appoint­ment for them to do so. To make an appointment, call City Hall at 873-5526.

Suta said residents should place the stuff they want hauled away, in­cluding tree limbs and discarded items, out along their alley right-of-ways. All loose material, includ­ing grass clippings, must be bagged or boxed, with the exception of tree limbs and shrub branches, which should be piled along the alley right-of-way. Items that are small enough should be placed in the dumpsters, advised Suta.

The city crew will not pick up appli­ances that use Freon as a coolant, unless a tag is attached certi­fying the coolant has been removed. Also on the “no no” list are: tires, car batter­ies, paint, solvents, oil and any other material considered a haz­ardous waste product.

Suta reminds residents the refuse site, located northeast of town, will be open on Saturday, May 23, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The city crew will not be hauling or picking up trash over the weekend, he added.

If you have any questions regarding Clean-up Week, please call Suta at 873-2719.

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