Glacier County officials projected they would complete the transfer of Glacier County EMS to Northern Rockies Medical Center (NRMC) by Aug. 1. That date has come and gone but NRMC is hopeful the transfer will occur by Oct. 1. “NRMC is looking forward to working with the County to find a solution for EMS starting Oct. 1, 2020,” said Chief Executive Officer Cherie Taylor. She stressed for that to happen, “all required regulations must be satisfied.” 

Taylor said NRMC will be looking to the community to assist with this venture. “We want to partner with the community to help save EMS in Glacier County.”

Several Glacier County officials were emailed on July 30 requesting an update on the status of Glacier County EMS. No response was received as of press time from Chief Financial Officer Chancy Kittson or County Attorney Terryl Matt. 

CFO Kittson responded to the FY 2019 audit findings that the County’s “Ambulance Fund will cease as a county operation July 31, 2020.” He also submitted a long-term spending plan to the Department of Administration stating “…the County will discontinue GCEMS operations June 30, 2020.”

Tauna Evans, Interim Glacier County EMS Director, responded to the email stating her last day was Aug. 1. Evans was not sure who would be handling the scheduling, she added.

Human Resources Director Mike Kittson is currently on Family Medical Leave but responded with the following statement late Monday afternoon.

“Glacier County and NRMC are working to transition the GCEMS to NRMC. The original plan was to transition the department, staff and vehicles on Aug. 1, however due to some unforeseen issues, the new target date is Oct 1. Glacier County is still maintaining the current staff, including equipment, until the transition can occur.”

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