Chairman Michael DesRosier was absent from the July 23 meeting of the Commissioners so Vice Chairman Tom McKay chaired in Browning.

The Commissioners revisited the County’s annual contribution to the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Program, noting the county has contributed $10,000 in previous years. Commissioner McKay said he’d consulted with Commissioner DesRosier about the matter and said the county is “committed to contributing something because it deals with the welfare and well being of kids.” 

McKay said the county would not be contributing as much in FY 2019-20 and he recommended the issue be tabled. Overcast suggested they should first look at the preliminary budget before determining how much to contribute. They tabled the issue until their Aug. 6 meeting.

Treasurer Don Wilson addressed some issues with the Commissioners, beginning with changes the state has made with computers, printers and vehicle registration. 

First, he said, the State has replaced all the printers and computers at the satellite office, but the new printers are too big for the existing desks. Additionally, he said the State will be having them scan registration information and sending it electronically to Helena. This will save all sorts of time, he said, but will also strain already overbooked desk space. 

Wilson said the Montana Prison System builds desks to order at a cost that is far lower than could be found elsewhere. He also noted if one wall was moved at the Browning Satellite Office it would result in four feet of additional room for the two employees. Wilson will consult with Facilities Director Shannon Pepion about the feasibility and cost of such a move.

Commissioner McKay recommended talking with the building’s owner, Pat Schildt, about the plan. Wilson said Schildt had earlier indicated a willingness to go along with plans like this, but said they should get such an agreement in writing.

Commissioner John Overcast spoke on behalf of Carol McDivitt regarding Board of Health openings. The board already has a doctor lined up to fill the vacant Medical Director position but that a new board member would have to be appointed. 

The Commissioners approved advertising for that position and taking a recommendation from the Board as to which applicant they would prefer. Overcast said he would tell McDivitt to go through the Commissioners for final approval.

Travis Clark of Leavitt Group Insurance was in attendance regarding the MACo Workman’s Comp agreement. Human Resources Director Mike Kittson explained the new MACo (Montana Association of Counties) Workman’s Compensation agreement includes some changes in the bylaws, which needed formal approval and the Property Casualty Trust agreement, which the Commissioners approved earlier needed signatures. Commissioners John Overcast and McKay approved and signed the documents and Commissioner DesRosier will sign at a later date.

Mike Wikstrom then asked the Commissioners about any headway made on turning the first mile and a half of the Heart Butte Cut Across Road over to Glacier County, noting he’d submitted all the paperwork. McKay said DesRosier had the information on that topic so couldn’t provide an update at that time.

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