A little over a month ago, fire ripped through what once had been the Glacier Motor Inn in Cut Bank. That fire burned so hot and so fast that it destroyed that building, burning it to the ground. 

Had it not been for the amazing group from the Cut Bank Volunteer Fire Department (CBVFD), things on that block in Cut Bank could have been so much worse.

In the aftermath of that fire, Kim Stoltz, Karla Gregory, Mary Fenger and Savannah Green began talking about what a thankless job the CBVFD has. When the alarm sounds for the men of that group, they never think twice about going out to fight a fire. They save properties, structures and lives because of their dedication and commitment to this job, that remember, they volunteer for.

“We realize what a great job the firemen do every time they are called to a fire. And we thought it would be nice to do something for them, maybe something like a fundraiser. Maybe through a fundraiser, we could help them pay for new equipment that will keep them safe and healthy when they are fighting fires,” said Stoltz.

And so, the CBVFD fundraiser idea started to smolder and before you knew it, the flame was fanned and wheels were set in motion.

“You know how you have seen calendars that have a different fireman on each month, well, we thought we could do a calendar fundraiser and show off our ‘burning, hot’ firemen,” she grinned. “We will, of course, make it totally PG-rated. But it will show off the men of that department in a very playful and tasteful manner.”

The ladies’ brainstormed idea took off like “wildfire.” They ran their plan by the CBVFD and the men agreed to the fundraiser. 

Then they arranged for a photographer, Johanna Froese, to start taking pictures of the firemen and now, are in the process of setting up pre-order calendar sales. Then they planned a date for an evening of fun where calendars would be sold and a silent auction will take place, all to benefit the CBVFD.

Sound like fun? You bet!

“From now until Oct. 1, you can pre-order your CBVFD calendars and pay only $30. Any calendars purchased after Oct. 1, will be $40,” Stoltz explained. “Inside the calendar, we are going to do a thank-you page where individuals or businesses who make a donation to the CBVFD during this fundraiser, will have their name listed. You can make whatever size donation you want, $25, $50 or $100 to have your name listed on the thank you page inside the calendar.”

The thank you page is a way for everyone to get involved in the fundraiser. “This is something the whole community can get behind.”

To pre-order your calendar or make a donation to have your name on the thank-you-page, stop by the Cut Bank Creek Brewery or First Interstate Bank in Cut Bank.

You can also mail your calendar order and/or thank you donation to Cut Bank Creek Brewery at 10 Alpine Avenue, Cut Bank, MT 59427. Checks need to be made payable to CBVFD.

You can also make your payment online at https://cbfdfr.betterworld.org/. Follow the directions on the screen to complete the transaction. 

But wait, the fundraiser does not end there. On Saturday, Oct. 16 the Cut Bank Creek Brewery is going to host an event to further the fundraising cause and get even more people involved. 

Starting at 5 p.m., there will not only be calendars for sale for $40, but there will be a silent auction for the firemen, food prepared by the firemen and live music too. Details are still coming together for this evening of fun, but for now, mark your calendars and plan to attend.

“The Brewery will be donating a portion of our sales on that evening to the fundraising too,” added Stoltz. 

The ladies organizing the event have set a goal and hope to raise $10,000 for the CBVFD. “We would like to hit our goal, so hopefully we can get lots of people involved and at the same time, make it fun for people too.” 

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