Scott McCombs, Assistant Store Director for Albertsons, is pleased with the ongoing remodeling project at the Cut Bank location. Shoppers are now seeing things come together and finding many new, exciting changes to the store.

Remodeling projects, be they in your home or business, are never easy. They are time consuming and sometimes a little frustrating. But, when they are done, not only does it feel good to be finished, but the end result looks good, too. 

A few months ago, Cut Bank’s Albertsons grocery store embarked on a large-scale remodeling project. It meant moving store items, not once, but twice or maybe more times. It meant changing the look of the store, where  items were located  and adding some new inventory to the store. 

No doubt, Albertsons management and employees would be the first to admit that taking on a project of that size is a bit of a challenge. But they will also be the first to share that when this project is completed, the look of Cut Bank’s Albertsons, will be fresh, new and amazing!

“I am excited to be a part of this investment Albertsons has made in our community and I can’t wait to show customers all the great new offerings,” said Scott McCombs, Assistant Store Director.

To start with, the outside of the store will receive a new facelift and there will be new LED lighting in the parking lot. 

Many of the improvements inside the store are underway and some are already completed and a few more will be taking place in the near future. 

First on the list of highlights for the store remodel are some additions in the deli department. There will be an expanded international and specialty cheese area, a new carving meat center at the deli as well as more hot food selections. The deli will also be the place for a new hot wing bar, serving up those popular wing treats so many enjoy.

In the bakery department, there will be a new cream dessert island and in the meat department there will be a fresh meat and seafood case located in what will now be called the Butcher Block. 

The produce department is probably the area undergoing the greatest change. There is a much larger area offering natural and organic items and there will be an even larger selection of fresh cut fruits and vegetables in the produce area. 

And while all that is great, those items are also going to be displayed in top-of-the-line cases and tables, making everything look new, clean and fresh.

The store has doubled the size and selections of beer and wine, adding in some new flavors and varieties. There is also a larger floral area in the store, giving customers a greater selection of plants, flowers and arrangements to choose from. 

The restrooms have been remodeled and the pharmacy will be receiving a new waiting area and consultation room.

All that is on top of the new look, new décor and historic photos that will be placed throughout the store. 

Many items have been relocated to a different place in the store and while that has caused some confusion, it will not take long for customers to find exactly what they are looking for and what was once new, will become “old hat.”

“My team and I are very excited about our newly remodeled store and how it will enable us to continue our long history of serving this community,” said Mo Brown, Store Director. 

“We are committed to supporting the Cut Bank community and running our Albertsons store with a focus on excellent customer service in order to be the favorite supermarket for our customers,” shared Kathy Holland, Communications and Community Relations Manager at Albertsons Intermountain Division.

Like any remodeling “adventure,” there is a period of adjustment and it takes time to learn what is new and to find all the exciting changes before you. The Albertsons store will be no different. 

And when the dust finally settles and the last of the construction workers and all the other extra personnel leave the store, customers will be able to move around the store with ease and enjoy an updated, bright, clean and convenient Albertsons store in Cut Bank.

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