Pondera 4-H Ambassadors Breauna Erickson, Tala Eneboe, Brae Eneboe, Will Boumans, and not pictured, Riley Larson, Lydia,Tabi and Payton Vermulm, have made sure that “Jimmy Dean” will impress the bidders at the upcoming 4-H auction. Proceeds will be donated to Women Against Breast Cancer and Breauna’s fairground sidewalk project. For more information about Jimmy Dean or any other 4-H livestock, please contact Adriane Good at (406) 271-4054 or adriane.good@montana.edu.

In April, the Pondera County 4-H Ambassadors started on a four-month long community service project: raising a pig for charity. The ambassador group, consisting of Will Boumans, Brae Eneboe, Tala Eneboe, Breauna Erickson, Riley Larson, Lydia Vermulm, Payton Vermulm, and Tabitha Vermulm, picked out their pig on April 11 and outfitted him with a 4-H ear tag after naming him Jimmy Dean. 

Since April, each of the members of the ambassador group have been working with him to get him ready for his debut. They’ve been feeding him, teaching him how to take directions, giving him lots of treats, and shining him up for fair.

Jimmy Dean will be on display for the entirety of the Marias Fair and will be sold during the 4-H livestock sale on Saturday, July 24. Proceeds from Jimmy’s sale will be donated to Women Against Breast Cancer and Breauna’s Fairground sidewalk project. 

Women Against Breast Cancer is based out of Great Falls and has helped 23 women in the Marias Fair counties to date. The organization helps cancer patients with medical bills, as well as quality of life expenses such as wigs, prosthetics, and travel costs. 

Breauna’s sidewalk project is a 4-year project with the goal of building sidewalks around the fairgrounds to make it easier for people to get around all the barns, especially for those in wheelchairs or strollers. 

The Marias Fair 4-H livestock sale will be held in the Seewald Barn at the Marias Fairgrounds on July 24, starting at 3 p.m.

If you’re interested in bidding on Jimmy Dean, but can’t make it to Shelby, the auction will also be live at https://jerrycollinsauctions.hibid.com/catalog/294856/marias-fair-livestock-auction/. If bidding online, you will need to register as a buyer before the sale starts. 

While you’re checking out the website to register to bid, be sure to look at all the other great 4-H livestock that will be on offer! 

The ambassador group would like to send a big thank you to Midway Colony for donating half of Jimmy Dean’s original purchase price, Hubbard Feeds for donating half of his feed, and the Erickson family for providing his housing.

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