The 2020 Cut Bank High School homecoming court is pictured above. King candidates are, back row left to right, Jayden Augare, Brock Barcus, Dylan Berg,  Wesley Omsberg. Queen candidates in the front row, pictured left to right, Courtney Anderson, Sienna Spotted Bear, Camille Bradley and Brianne Murphy.

Some say homecoming events took place for the first time in the 19th century. Others swear the first homecoming event was a football game held in 1911 when Kansas faced off against Missouri. Either way, homecoming football games have been part of the fall season for as far back as any of us can remember and this year, the year to mark all years, is no exception.

Cut Bank High School is ready for homecoming! The hall decorations, the creation of floats, the parade, the Friday night football game and the crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen, are all planned for this week. 

Tres Genger, Principal at Cut Bank High School, said it is all systems go for homecoming events this week, with some limitations and of course, social distancing and mask wearing, listed as the requirements for everything the kids will be involved in. 

“We will have the kids ‘masked up’ for all the events they are doing this week, including hall decorating and float decorating,” he said. “We plan to celebrate the homecoming week in the manner that still reflects all the preventative measures dictated by not only the Governor of our state, but the Montana High School Association as well.”

The students are excited about this week and according to Genger, they all know and understand masks are required and social distancing is also being required for events where that would be applicable.

“We all know and understand that masks are an inconvenience, but they are still necessary, and our students have been very positive and very cooperative about wearing them,” he stated. 

He continued, “We are still trying to do many of the same activities and still keep within the parameters we have established for our students.”

Students will be decorating the high school hallways on a “limited basis,” said Genger and they will be allowed to create their class floats again this year, also wearing masks. 

Each day of the week, students will be dressing up to the theme of the day as well. Monday was Mexican Monday, Tuesday was Tropical day, today (Wednesday) is Senior Citizen day, Thursday is Fake an Injury day and Friday is purple and gold day.

Also on Friday, they will be holding a barbecue and then getting ready for the parade, which will take place at 2 p.m. The parade route will go down Main Street in Cut Bank.

That evening is the homecoming football game at 7 p.m. against the Conrad Cowboys. The homecoming king and queen will be crowned during halftime of the football game. There will not be a dance this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Homecoming candidates for the year are: Courtney Anderson, Camille Bradley, Brianne Murphy and Sienna Spotted Bear and Jayden Augare, Brock Barcus, Dylan Berg and Wesley Omsberg.

Genger said it is not just homecoming events that have the kids being so good about wearing masks.

“The students understand if they don’t do these things– wear their masks and social distance,–we might end up having remote classes again and not be able to keep the school open,” he stated. 

So, while homecoming might look a little different this year and some events might require some different circumstances, it is as Genger said, all systems go for Cut Bank High School Homecoming 2020. 

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