Tina and Adam Perkins are the new managers of the historic Stone School Inn Bed and Breakfast in Valier.

The Stone School Inn Bed and Breakfast in Valier is under new management. Adam and Tina Perkins are making the school their home as they manage it for the new owners. “Tina and I met at the University of Oregon in 1999. We were married in 2003 and have lived in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Michigan, and finally Montana,” shared Adam. They have four children ranging in age from three years old to 13 and have been home schooling them for about five years.

“We are avid adventurers,” said Adam, noting they love scuba-diving, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and “we especially love spending time in the mountains.”

“When the opportunity came up to run a B & B that was built in 1911, we were excited! Our kids have loved exploring all the rooms, nooks, and crannies–especially the bell tower–of this old building. Having the opportunity to live and work in this historic town is a blessing in itself,” shared Tina. “Everyone we have met has been welcoming and kind, it's an amazing place to raise our family.”  

Adam works in the healthcare industry and Tina is shifting from a career in nursing to full-time mom and B & B manager. They are actively updating social media and online information for the Stone School Inn as they embrace the varying weather conditions of north central Montana. “The kids are loving the snow,” smiled Tina.

When asked about future plans to use the facilities and attract more people to Valier, Adam elaborated, “We are very excited to host parties, weddings, retreats, and other celebrations. The Stone School Inn has five full-service rooms and occupancy for up to 12 guests. Our library area has seating for four and the dining room can be modified to host small or large groups.”

Tina pointed out, “Working with the owners, we anticipate opening the smaller schoolhouse located on the property to the north as an additional venue for parties, celebrations, and events. We are working to revamp the website, Facebook, and Twitter pages to attract a variety of travelers from around the world. During the off season, we'll be working with local agencies and businesses to host retreats and even fishing, hunting, or hiking expeditions.” 

Tina is the chief breakfast cook. “We all have our tried and true family favorites, so I have created a little Montana based cookbook just for the Stone School Inn. I love to try new recipes so the menu will occasionally change but will be made available at the time of reservation,” she said. “Allergies, gluten restrictions, or other dietary needs will be addressed when making the reservation so we can accommodate a hearty breakfast for all our guests.”

A tasty and anything but typical breakfast may include, but  is not limited to: breakfast burritos, sliders or sandwiches made with croissants or biscuits, home-baked muffin loaves, mini egg quiches, pancakes, waffles or French toast, complete with some type of breakfast meat, fresh fruit and more.

Each of the five rooms comes with all the comforts of home, including a cozy bed, clean crisp sheets, additional blankets, pillows, towels, and toiletries in a warm restful setting. Downstairs includes the dining room and recreation room, complete with big screen TV, billiards table, and lounge seating.

Rooms and off-season COVID-19 essential pricing are available until June 1, 2020 so call for the current room rate pricing, which range from $79 to $99 per night, depending on the room. The Inn is currently open to all essential workers as defined in the Governors stay at home order.

Looking forward, the Perkins are planning a Community Apple Pie Bake-Off (date to be determined) with one free night stay for two in the Western Meadowlark room for the winning pie baker.

In further efforts to support the community, the Stone School Inn is offering a 10% Discount for participants of the Lake Frances Triple P Triathlon. Mention the Triple P when registering.

Additional information can be found on the website stoneschoolinn.com and on the Facebook page at Valier Stone School Inn.

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