New speech therapist, Ashlee Frydenlund, husband, Patrick, and dog, Farks, are excited to be living back in Toole County and are looking forward to sharing their talents with the community.

Marias Medical Center is thrilled to announce our new service, Speech Therapy, and introduce Ashlee Frydenlund as our new employee providing it! This is a difficult position to fill, yet Ashlee brings enthusiasm and hard work to it. 

Ashlee grew up in Sunburst, attended college in Missoula and has been in Shelby for a year after getting married. She works with the students at Shelby Public Schools, and is now working with us as needed.

“I love working with kids, but I’m excited to work with all age groups through Marias Medical Center,” said Ashlee. 

Patients who have had strokes and need speech therapy will now be able to receive it through our Rehabilitation Department. She is ready to work with different age groups and varying degrees of speech difficulties.

Ashlee was drawn to Speech Therapy because it was a profession that could benefit and help others. 

“I want to help as many people across all ages in the area,” said Ashlee. 

She worked in Kalispell Regional Medical Center’s Acute Care for her clinicals and at the Great Falls Nursing Home. Ashlee has gained experience working with many ages and levels of speech issues. She has had some patients in the past couple of weeks and has already made an impact in the community. 

On a personal note, Ashlee enjoys biking when possible, watching nature documentaries, settling in with a Jodi Piccoult book and relaxing to oldies music. She and her new husband, Patrick Frydenlund, enjoy cooking Mexican food together and taking walks with their dog, Farks. They are excited to be back in the area, working, and making a difference in our community. 

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Ashlee call 434-3234 to set one up.

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