The Glacier County Treasurer’s Office in the Glacier County Courthouse in Cut Bank was closed Monday, Sept. 21, after county officials were notified of a potential exposure of one or more employees to Coronavirus, announced Glacier County Human Resources Director Mike Kittson. 

“The Glacier County Commissioners, myself and Glacier County Treasurer Don Wilson are working with the Glacier County Health Department to take necessary steps to mitigate this issue in a safe manner. We are confident the risk of exposure to citizens is minimal,” said Kittson.

The Glacier County Treasurer's Office will continue to provide services via the Browning Satellite office. Citizens may contact the Treasurer’s Office staff at (406) 873-8560 for assistance. Wilson and county officials are working to reopen the courthouse office for in-person service as soon as possible, assured Kittson.

All other departments and offices are open at the Glacier County Courthouse. Visitors are required to wear a mask in the courthouse, reminds Kittson. 

The Montana Department of Motor Vehicles, located on the ground floor of the courthouse, will still continue to issue driver's license, identification cards and conduct exams in person. While appointments are encouraged to minimize wait times, they are not required. Citizens can make an appointment at (866) 450-8034 or on the website at: 

www.dojmt.gov/driving Anyone wishing to renew license plates can do so on the Montana DOJ website:


The Glacier County Health Department suggests individuals call their medical provider first if they think they may have COVID-19. By doing so, individuals help reduce the risk of transmission to others. 

Please follow Glacier County Health Department on Facebook to stay informed. County officials encourage all residents to wear a mask, clean your hands often, and avoid close contact as much as possible.

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