Center for Mental Health offers a variety of services, programs

The staff at the Center for Mental Health in Cut Bank provides services for both adults and children. Pictured above are, left to right, Laurine Running Crane, Alice Reuman, Arnica Ziebarth and Kodi Baughman. Reuman was recently promoted to the Director of Services at the center. Photo by Linda Bruch

"Partnering to improve lives," is the vision the Center for Mental Health has built their organization around. The office they have here in Cut Bank believes in and supports that vision as well. Alice Reuman and her staff work hard every day hoping to enhance and mend the lives of the clients they see. They love what they do and they have found success doing it.

The Center for Mental Health provides a gamut of services for adults and children, covering everything from outpatient therapy to counseling to case management to support groups to evaluations and assessments. And almost all of them can be done right here in Cut Bank. "Some of the bigger offices provide additional programs," said Reuman.

Reuman, who was recently promoted to the Director of Services in Cut Bank, is a counselor and "therapist in training," she said. She has a master's degree in social work and is currently working on obtaining her license to provide clinical social work. "I provide counseling under the supervision of a licensed therapist," she said. Her supervisor is Joe Uhl, who is located in the Center for Mental Health office in Havre.

Working along side Reuman in the Cut Bank office is Laurine Running Crane, Arnica Ziebarth and Kodi Baughman. Running Crane and Ziebarth are case managers and Baughman "keeps us all organized and sane, working as our secretary," said Reuman.

Keeping tabs on the activities at the Cut Bank office is Reuman's Mental Health Advisory Board. "They help us spend our money," she smiled, "and help us make decisions that are right for this office, the people we serve and this community."

Having a true community presence on the board has been invaluable for Reuman and for the Center for Mental Health. It also keeps a "community face" on what the Center is doing here in our town.

Mike McLaughlin, the Executive Director for the Center for Mental Health, also monitors the happenings in the Cut Bank office. His office is located in Great Falls, which is the home office for the Center for Mental Health.

"The Cut Bank office is an office that has been very productive over the years," he said. "We have an excellent relationship with the community and the county commissioners. Both of which have always been very supportive."

The Center for Mental Health is a nonprofit organization serving 13 counties in this area of the state. Those counties are: Blaine, Broadwater, Cascade, Chouteau, Glacier, Hill, Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, Liberty, Meagher, Pondera, Teton and Toole. The Center for Mental Health has served over 4,200 individuals each year in central Montana, with more than 700 of those being children.

For Reuman, working in Cut Bank for the Center for Mental Health is a dream come true and being promoted was pretty exciting as well. "It was an exciting opportunity to step into this position," she declared. "I started out as a case manager, working with adults and children. Now, I am counseling adults and children. And I really love what I do."

In order to obtain her license, Reuman must have 3,000 hours of supervised counseling under her belt. "That's what I am working towards right now," she said. Once that is achieved she becomes a licensed clinical social worker and if she wants, can supervise others working towards their license as well.

"We were very fortunate that Alice was there in the Cut Bank office when we needed to fill the Director position," said McLaughlin. "She does a good job there."

You can reach the Center for Mental Health Cut Bank office by calling 873-5538.

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