Montanans aren’t used to being told what to do and how to do it, especially when it comes to our businesses and our social lives. 

COVID-19 is a game changer, well, if we’re honest, a life changer.

We are all adjusting to social distancing, washing our hands at a frantic frequency and checking in on our elderly and at risk neighbors more. 

As business owners, we are trying to figure how to keep our employees employed when revenue streams have damned up by the Governor’s order to “stay at home” and stay safe from this killer virus.

A man stopped us a few weeks ago and called us the lucky ones. “This won’t affect your business at all.”

Newspapers rely on revenue from “help wanted” ads, gift shops, restaurants, bars, events to pay the bills. We have payroll and big postage and printing costs. 

Just like you, we have to figure out how to do our job and pay the bills. 

We’re trying something new this week. All four of our weeklies will be published under one “prominent” flag so we don’t lose our postal permit. 

News, photos and ads from the Cut Bank Pioneer Press, Glacier Reporter, Shelby Promoter and The Valierian fill the 20 pages of this week’s issue. It is our hope you will learn that while we all face the same issues and challenges from COVID-19, our communities can learn from each other on how to cope; we can share resources; we can brainstorm with each other; we can figure out how to survive and come back stronger, better,  and maybe even recharged.

•Let us know what we can do better. 

•Let us know what you liked in this issue.

•Let us know you’ll keep reading and supporting local journalism–your hometown newspapers that support your hometowns.

Feel free to email your comments and concerns to us at editor@cutbankpioneerpress.com or call us at (406) 873-2201, ext. 11.


Brian and LeAnne 



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