Excavator at Construction Site

If you have an upcoming project that requires excavation or heavy equipment use, don't let the high costs of other excavation companies get into your wallet. Let the experts at Sullivan Excavation do the work for you for the best price! 

Sullivan Excavation has been a family owned and operated business servicing the Golden Triangle region of Montana for over two decades. Current owners Jerry and Stephanie Sullivan bought the business from Jerry's father, Jim, in 1996 and have maintained ownership since. Their son, Justin Sullivan, also works for the company along with Mike Durnell and daughter Jerica who helps with year-end bookwork. 

With a wealth of experience in delivering the highest quality service in the excavation and demolition field, Sullivan Excavation is proud to give their full commitment to each project that they take on while bringing their passion for their work with them each and every day. 

Sullivan Excavation provides a plethora of services to its customers, including: demolition, water/sewer lines, foundations, gravel, snow removal and nearly any miscellaneous job that may require a backhoe, bulldozer or grader. They have the tools to get the job done right for their customers. 

With winter officially upon us, the people of northern Montana know better than anyone else in the country that snow is imminent. Don't allow that snow to slow you down though! Let Sullivan Excavation do the shoveling while you stay nestled in your warm home. 

With so much time on people's hands these days, don't allow the stress of that big upcoming home project or something as small as a snowstorm ruin your day! Give Sullivan Excavation a call today and let the professionals do the heavy lifting for you. 

"We do a wide array of jobs throughout the community. If someone wants something done, Jerry can do it." 

Sullivan Excavation is located at 404 Pondera Ave, Valier, MT or can be reached at the numbers below: 

(406) 450-1634

(406) 279-3520

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