Nicki Baker and Jennifer Biegler named their new store after themselves–Twisted Sisters–and moved 2B Design and Graphics into the store, which is located downtown at 21 West Main, formerly Ronix Electronics.

So, what is going on inside the old Radio Shack building on Main Street? A new business has moved in, that is what is going on!

Jennifer Biegler and her sister Nickie Baker are the co-owners of 2B Design & Graphics and Twisted Sisters, a new store now open for business at 21 West Main Street. The store is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

“We are so excited to be open for business,” Nickie said.

Nickie is new to the world of retail, but sister Jennifer is not. She has been operating the 2B Design shop for a few years now, in a few different locations, but it has been a successful design and graphic shop for some time.

“This is going to be really fun having 2B Design here in this store with all of our Twisted Sisters items too,” said Jennifer. “We hope that re-opening this store on Main Street will inspire others to join us, so we can see Main Street come back to life. We are all about being a part of this community and plan on making this store a very community-oriented place.”

The 2B part of the store will offer items much like it always has, graphic designs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, coffee mugs, towels or anything else you might want to sport a unique and clever design. 

“The great part about having the store, is we have room to display many of the designs we make and to show examples of clothing or other items, those designs can be put on,” Jennifer said. 

“Jennifer has really great taste in clothing and she finds just the right pieces for us to put designs on. Our Montana designs are really popular and the Wolf wear we offer is always in demand,” Nickie said. 

The 2B Designs are on display in half of the store and the other half of the store is filled with shelves and display racks loaded with home décor items, many custom-made framed boards with sayings, original purses, some jewelry and right now, seasonal and beautiful Christmas décor. 

The ladies make all the framed boards with sayings and have any kind of saying you could imagine and would happily create one just for you, should you have a particular saying you would like framed-up. 

The framed sayings part of the business is how Twisted Sisters got started. “We started doing these one evening and had so much fun coming up with sayings, messing with all the colors, that we decided to see if they would sell and they have. Brian Ledbetter does all of our framing for us and that just adds a really nice touch to it,” Jennifer shared.

While a lot of the home décor items they currently have are seasonal for the Christmas holiday, the ladies agreed, once that season is over, they will be putting in new and wonderful home décor items for all parts of the house.

If you have not been in the store, now is a great time to do that or you could wait until they have their Christmas Open House on Tuesday, Nov. 26, starting at 5:30 p.m.

“We will have some food and drinks for everyone to sample and will be offering some drawings for door prizes on that evening as well,” said Nickie.

“And we are planning something special for the Christmas Stroll, scheduled later in the holiday season, when the other local businesses will be open for the evening too. We will be offering some specials during that event,” Jennifer added.

Both ladies are excited for this new venture and happy to be doing it together, as sisters and best friends. “This is a continuation of an adventure I started some time ago. It feels great to be doing what I love, with someone I love,” Jennifer said.

“This is new for me, and yet it feels like we have been doing it together for some time. We get along so well and truly compliment each other. We are the Ying and Yang of retail. I can’t think of anyone else I would rather do this with than Jennifer,” Nickie continued. 

They are best friends and they are best sister-friends, Twisted Sisters, and they are offering their best back to Cut Bank in the form of a new store which now graces Main Street.

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