Seniors who were honored with Distinguished Achievement Awards during the 2019 Commencement Ceremony are pictured, left to right, Macee Barry, Katelyn Edinger, Brynne Finstad, McKenna Killian, Colby Kraft, Gus Meiwald, JR Seewald, Jazmine Spotted Bear, Braden Swenson, Portia Taylor and Hailey Wahl.

The Cut Bank High School Class of 2019 received their long-awaited diplomas on Sunday, May 26 and during the ceremony were recognized for the scholarships they were awarded.

Here is a listing of the scholarships they have been offered.

Macee Barry–$500 Ken and Ruth Sammons, $1,000 Jack and Margaret Tweedy and $500 CBEFAA, GEC Energy for Tomorrow Scholarship, Salsbury Scholarship, Stockman Bank Award of Excellence, Northern Telephone Cooperative and Heisey Foundation.

Katelyn Edinger–$500 Bernice Larson, $500 Golden Triangle Racing, $500 CBEFAA and $250 ACT.

Brynne Finstad–Lions Club Scholarship, $500 Girl Scouts, $1,000 Ray Maier Community Service and $3,000 Masonic Foundation Scholarship, PEO Chapter M Scholarship, Sons of Norway Scholarship and Glaciereens Scholarship.

Jaycee Frydenlund–$500 Masonic Foundation Scholarship and Epstein Scholarship.

McKenna Killian–$500 Girl Scouts, $500 Barb Cain/Coen, $500 Masonic Foundation Scholarship, $14,000 Mary Catherine Burke four-year Carroll College, $500 CBEFAA and $250 ACT, Carroll College Trustee Scholarship, GEC Energy for Tomorrow Scholarship, Stockman Bank Award of Excellence, Coco Cola Scholar and Heisey Foundation.

Colby Kraft–$500 CBEFAA, $1,500 Charles and Gladys Billman Memorial, $500 Dennis and Dixie Roseleip Family EntreLeadership, $250 ACT, Lions Club Scholarship, Elks State Scholarship, Stockman Bank Award of Excellence, Glacier Electric Cooperative (GEC) Energy for Tomorrow Scholarship, GEC No Essay Scholarship, MSU Premier Scholarship, Heisey Foundation and Keith and Lois Gregg Memorial Scholarship.

Piegann Little Dog–Blackfeet Tribal Recognition.

Sarah McDonough–Rocky Mountain College (RMC) Scholar Scholarship, RMC Cheer Scholarship and Glaciereens Scholarship.

Gus Meiwald–GEC Energy for Tomorrow Scholarship, GEC’s Association Memorial, Montana Electric Cooperative Association’s Memorial and Northern Telephone Cooperative, $500 Masonic Foundation Scholarship, $500 H.C. Davis, $300 Danny Nanini and $250 ACT.

Kamdyn Molenda–$500 CBEFAA, $1,000 Lucille Anderson, $1,000 Masonic Foundation Scholarship, $250 ACT, MSU Premier Scholarship, Cut Bank Moose Lodge Scholarship, Heisey Foundation and Moose Lodge Scholarship.

J.R. Seewald–$500 CBEFAA, $1,000 R. Paul Kleinsmith Community Service, $300 Danny Nanini, $1,000 Masonic Foundation Scholarship, GEC Energy for Tomorrow Scholarship, Montana Tech Chancellor Application of Excellence, Charles Arentzen Memorial Scholarship, Montana Tech Football Scholarship, Dawson Fraser Memorial Scholarship, Cut Bank Booster Club Scholarship and Northern Telephone Cooperative Scholarship.

Madison Seifert–$500 Ray Davis Scholarship.

Jazmine Spotted Bear–$500 Miller Family, $500 Masonic Foundation Scholarship, $500 Gene Losing Memorial Scholarship, Reach Higher Scholarship, GEC Energy for Tomorrow Scholarship, Higher Education Scholarship, Stockman Bank Award of Excellence, Cut Bank Booster Club Scholarship, Coca Cola Scholar and Blackfeet Tribal Recognition.

TaeLynn Still Smoking–Horatio Alger Career and Technical Education, Full Circle Scholarship, Higher Education, Treacy Foundation, HOPA Mountain, North Idaho College Golf Scholarship and Blackfeet Tribal Recognition Scholarship.

Braden Swenson–$1,000 Jack and Margaret Tweedy, $500 Somont, $500 CBEFAA and $250 ACT, GEC Energy for Tomorrow Scholarship, GEC No Essay Scholarship and Heisey Foundation.

Annie Taylor–Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) Academic Scholarship, PLU Q Club Scholarship, PEO International STAR Scholarship, PEO Chapter M Scholarship, Lions Club Scholarship,  Carole Kaleva Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 Lucille Anderson, $500 CBEFAA, $250 ACT and Heisey Foundation.

Portia Taylor–$500 Miller Family, $1,000 Jack and Margaret Tweedy, $500 CBEFAA, $250 ACT, Stockman Bank Award of Excellence, GEC Energy for Tomorrow Scholarship, Glacier County Regional Port Authority Supporting Success, GEC No Essay Scholarship, Glaciereens Scholarship and Heisey Foundation.

John Vermulm–Northern Telephone Cooperative Scholarship.

Hailey Wahl–Montana State University Premiere Scholarship, $1,000 Ray and Lois Rimel, $500 Lillian Larson, $500 CBEFAA, GEC Energy for Tomorrow Scholarship, Moose Lodge Scholarship, Warren Edward and Phyllis Sullivan Howe Scholarship and Heisey Foundation.

Of the 30 graduates, 74 percent plan on attending either a technical, two-year or four-year college, 20 percent plan on working, four percent will enter the military and two percent have other plans.

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