Nicole Altenburg is leaving her position as CBEFAA Executive Director to work for a year with her sister, Noelle, who is a traveling physical therapist.

“It has been a true pleasure working for and with you all the last five years. I will miss this incredible job so much, but I feel very blessed that I get to take this coming year and see so much of the United States with my upcoming travels,” wrote Nicole Altenburg, Director of the Cut Bank Education Foundation and Alumni Association (CBEFAA), in her letter of resignation dated Sept. 4, 2019.

Altenburg is leaving CBEFAA and her salon job at The Mane Concern while she travels the United States with her sister Noelle Tvedt, who is a traveling physical therapist. While she is resigning from her job with CBEFAA, she does not plan on leaving Cut Bank forever, just for a year.

“This is the perfect time in my life for me to take this year and spend it with my sister while she travels the United States for her job. It is an amazing opportunity and one I am looking forward to very much,” Altenburg said.

Her sister, Noelle, can pretty much choose where she would like to work, as physical therapists are in huge demand. They plan on spending eight weeks at each site and then picking up and moving to the next, “following the sun,” as Altenburg said. 

“We have so many places to pick from where Noelle wants to work, so we will just go where we want and end up in places where there are other things we want to do. I can’t wait to end up in New Mexico for their annual hot air balloon festival. We will be crossing off hot air balloon rides from our bucket list, that is for sure,” she shared. 

Altenburg’s resignation letter was given to her Board of Directors earlier this month and listed mid-December as her final day of work at CBEFAA. “I would love to help with the transition of my position so that the Foundation and its workings continue to function smoothly after my departure,” she added.

The Board of Directors has begun their search for their replacement Director, with the hopes of having someone in place before Altenburg leaves. (See ad in this week’s issue.)

“I will continue to work at CBEFAA until December and keep planning and working on all the events CBEFAA has planned, including the All-Class Reunion scheduled for next summer,” Altenburg assured. “I will have lots of the leg work done for that, for sure.”

Along with resigning from CBEFAA, Altenburg will also be away from the salon work she has done for 33 years. “I have been doing hair for a long time now. I might do it again when I get back, I just haven’t decided,” she said. “For now, I am going to enjoy some sister-time and travel-time and then come back and see where life takes me from there.”

No doubt, the adventure covering the United States will be just that, a great adventure and a trip and time of a lifetime. But that does not mean Altenburg will not miss the job at CBEFAA.

“This job has been so perfect for me. It was a great way to use the other side of my brain,” she laughed. “I really love this job and the people that come with it. It opened my mind to the possibility of other doors being opened for me.”

One of those possibilities is embarking on a new adventure in her life, which begins in early January when she and her sister make their first stop in southern California.

“One of my favorite sayings says something like, travel is the one thing you can spend money on that makes you richer. I truly believe this will be a good thing for me,” she said. “I really appreciate how supportive my husband David is about me doing this and all the other people in my life too. I can’t wait to get started!”

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