Glacier Pharmacy’s owner Ann Clark and the friendly staff continue to expand their customer service focus with the addition of a convenient drive-thru window. Located inside Big Sky Foods, Glacier Pharmacy’s staff includes Korey Nelson, pharmacy tech; and pharmacists Jake Sather, Ann Clark (owner), and Levi Stanley.

Glacier Pharmacy in Cut Bank recently celebrated its first anniversary on Sept. 16. The pharmacy, which is located inside of Big Sky Foods, was founded by Cut Bank native Ann Clark and has stood strong amongst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We have been at this location for just over a year now and it has been such a great fit,” Clark said. “We have had the opportunities to grow and expand a bit here and are able to better serve the people of this and the surrounding communities.” 

Glacier Pharmacy has three employees under Clark, including pharmacists Levi Stanley and Jake Sather and pharmacy tech Korey Nelson serving its customer base. 

The building recently received a facelift with the addition of a drive-thru window accessible on the west side of the grocery store. The drive-thru window is the only of its kind within a 67-mile radius, and should make it all the more convenient for customers to receive the prescriptions and care that they need, according to Clark. 

“Our number one focus is customer service here and we feel that the window will be helpful for people. We are always looking for ways to improve our service for the community,” Clark said. “We have built a good customer base here and in serving and getting to know those customers they really become like long-term friends.” 

The ability to drive up to the store offers many advantages for customers, including those with sick children, the elderly and for everyone when the weather takes a turn for the worst. 

Clark, who has been a practicing pharmacist for 25 years, also owns and operates Northtown Drug in Shelby. Northtown Drug has been a staple of the Shelby community since before she took over Wells Drug from Jack Wells in 2007 and renamed the drug store.

One of the larger conveniences of the two locations is that customers are not restricted to which store they can fill a prescription at. 

The pharmaceutical community is continuously growing in the surrounding area and appears to be here to stay. However, Clark believes that the strong foundation for the pharmacies here in Cut Bank and Shelby already existed before opening Glacier Pharmacy. 

“The owners of the mall, Dan Felska and Audie Solvie, really built the area for the pharmacies,” Clark said. “They’ve been open to questions and ideas about how to improve upon things and it is awesome how helpful they have been.” 

According to Clark, Glacier Pharmacy developed slowly in the area but quickly began to grow as word of mouth spread their name. Since its opening last September, she has established a steady core of business while also upgrading the pharmacy’s presence with signs and the new drive-thru window. 

Glacier Pharmacy, just like most local businesses, was not immune to the effects of COVID-19. Despite some of the setbacks Clark and her team faced, the pharmacy is poised to come out stronger than ever and remain a fundamental piece of the Cut Bank foundation. 

“Every little community, every little town in America has a pharmacy or a drugstore,” Clark said. “It is a really cool thing to be a part of and is great to be able to serve this community and this town here in Cut Bank. I am so thankful to everyone here and their continued support of the pharmacy and my staff.” 

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