The following public service announcement has been issued by the Glacier County Sheriff’s Office:

There has been an increase in vehicle thefts in Glacier County as of late. These thieves have zero respect for property that does not belong to them. They don’t care if you’ve worked for everything you have. They don’t care who you are or where you live. They just steal things because that’s what they do. 

The justice system will eventually catch up to them. Unfortunately, some of these thieves will never be rehabilitated. They just go right back to what they’ve always done–victimizing good, honest people. 

Here are some helpful tips to protect yourself from becoming a victim:

•Lock your doors. Even if you’re only going to be “just a minute.” Lock them. All. The. Time.

•Remove your keys from the ignition. Don’t set them on the floor or put them in the center console. Take them with you. Always.

•Don’t keep valuable items in your vehicle. Don’t leave your purse, your wallet, your guns, your phones and especially your children. Nothing.

•If you see something suspicious, report it. The best defense for these people is a good offense. If you report a suspicious person lurking around, and the cops drive by there’s a good chance the thief will decide against that particular target. 

•DO NO–and we can’t stress this enough–DO NOT leave your vehicle running. A running, unlocked vehicle is easy prey for a thief.

You may still fall victim of one of these thieves after following these rules, there are no guarantees in this life, but at least you will have made it harder for them. 

Law Enforcement officers are always out and about. We are always looking for people who prey on others. Unfortunately, we cannot be everywhere. Please help us help you.

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