Don Wilson, pictured here, said the revised tax bills will be issued this month, but the additional payments the airport, transit and City of Cut Bank funds will not be due until May. 

Glacier County taxpayers will be happy to learn they won’t owe any additional taxes in February due to the erroneous tax bills issued in November. Glacier County Treasurer Don Wilson said the revised tax bills will be issued this month, but the additional payment for the airport, transit and City of Cut Bank funds will be added to the second half tax payment due in May.

Wilson reminds those taxpayers who have yet to pay the first half of their taxes, they are getting a generous reprieve since they will not have penalties or interest added if they pay their first installment by Feb. 16.

Wilson informed Glacier County Commissioners John Overcast and Mary Jo Bremner of his new plan at the Jan. 7 meeting of the Commissioners. Chairman Michael DesRosier was not in attendance.

In the public comment portion of the meeting, Cut Bank taxpayer Elaine Mitchell gave an informative presentation on the importance of timely and accurate cash reports. 

Commissioner Bremner said her goal is to have balanced cash reports this year. Going back to 2013, when the County’s financial woes first started, would be “insurmountable” to try at this time. “Let’s start in the present,” she said. 

Commissioners Overcast and Bremner briefly discussed three claims submitted by consultant Rita Neuman in the amounts of: $3,005.00, $2,827.50, and $3,461.25, which did not include details or documentation for the totals submitted.

Bremner stated she would like to see a “description” of what Neuman is doing to earn the payments from the County.

To date, Glacier County has paid Neuman $129,461.39 since April 2019. Glacier County officials contracted with her to assist with the Glacier County EMS and later the County’s lawsuit with the Indian Health Service. The claims she submits for payment are approved by Chief Financial Officer Chancy Kittson, prior to being presented to the Commissioners for payment.

At their meeting on Jan. 5, the Commissioners appointed Dr. Danielle Kennedy, a dentist with Glacier Community Health Center, to the Glacier County Health Board. She will fill a board vacancy with a one-year term remaining.

The Commissioners also approved the purchase of the NexHealth Program to assist the Glacier County Health Department (GCHD) with scheduling and contacting patients. The program costs $5,400.00 and will be purchased with CARES Act funds.

GCHD Director Jenny Krapf said the program will “really help our office” and will “streamline” day-to-day operations. 

The Commissioners also approved their 2021 meeting schedule and set Jan. 12 as the meeting to conduct the remainder of their organizational duties for 2021.

(Editor’s Note: In last week’s issue we stated we would provide more information on the Glacier County Commissioners’ decision to “pursue the purchase of property” for the Browning Satellite Office. Specific information on the properties the County is interested in possibly purchasing with grant funds from the 2020 General Election was still unavailable at press time. 

County officials are investigating the possibility of using the remaining CTCL Grant Funds for the possible purchase.

According to Chief Financial Officer Chancy Kittson, the information will be released to the newspaper once he receives the go ahead from the Commissioners. The document was compiled by Kittson and reviewed and discussed by the Commissioners during an earlier meeting.)

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