“Browning School District has retained Montana School Board Association’s legal counsel to pursue retrieval of School District funds from the County immediately,” stated Browning Schools Superintendent Corrina L. Guardipee-Hall. Glacier County Treasurer Don Wilson denied the Browning Schools’ request to move their funds from Glacier County effective Oct. 1.

Wilson rejected the requests from Browning, East Glacier Park and Mountain View School Boards to move their money from Glacier County in a letter dated Sept. 26. Wilson wrote his office “will consider your request as a request to start July 1, 2020” instead of the requested date of Oct. 1, 2019.

The East Glacier Park Grade School Board of Trustees voted at a special Board meeting Sept. 30 to direct the Montana School Boards Association’s legal team to assist the school district in implementing the needed Investment Agreement with the Glacier County. Officials from that school district estimate $700,000.00 could be moved from the County at this time, based on the most recent reports received from Glacier County.

No amounts were available at press time from the Browning or Mountain View School Districts.

According to Wilson’s letter, the requests from the three school districts do not “coincide with the fiscal year beginning July 1,” which according to Wilson, is “essential” under state law.

Officials from the school districts disagree with Wilson’s interpretation and have taken action to hire legal counsel to retrieve their funds from Glacier County.

Glacier County Attorney Terryl Matt confirmed she reviewed Wilson’s letter before it was distributed to school, county and state officials.

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