Glacier County is the first county in Montana to have all of its school districts move their school monies from the County to a bank. Cut Bank Schools was the first district to move their funds in 2015. The remaining school districts in Glacier County are now following their lead.

“Browning School District No. 9 Board of Trustees voted unanimously to move our funds from the County to our own account on Oct. 1, 2019,” said Browning Schools Superintendent Corrina Guardipee-Hall in a written statement earlier this week.

“We are making this move in response to the growing concerns about the financial stability of Glacier County and the ability to sell our Impact Revenue Bonds at a rate beneficial to the buyer and the District. This could not have happened unless we secured our funds away from the County,” she explained. 

“We want to say this has nothing to do with our confidence in the Glacier County Commissioners and the County itself. We strongly support both and hope that in doing this, it will help them,” she added.

School trustees from Mountain View and East Glacier School Districts also voted recently to move their funds from Glacier County, confirmed Glacier County Superintendent of Schools Darryl Omsberg. 

According to Omsberg, the Office of Public Instruction will be holding a special meeting in Browning with the area school clerks and boards on Sept. 30 to discuss the laws and procedures required in completing the process of moving funds, as well as recordkeeping and banking procedures. 

The total dollar amount the three school districts will be moving from the Glacier County Treasurer’s Office was not available at press time.

The County’s June and July Cash Reports were also not available from the Treasurer’s Office at press time.

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