Ashley Kimmet is juggling her Human Resources job at NRMC, school and a counseling internship.

One of the goals Ashley Kimmet hopes to obtain as she makes a career change is to “make a positive impact in our community.”

That is an admirable goal, but for a lady like Ashley who is focused, driven and motivated to go after what she wants, it is a goal she can definitely achieve.

Ashley has been part of the team at Northern Rockies Medical Center for four years, serving as their Human Resources Professional. She knows everyone at NRMC makes a difference, not only for the facility, but for the community as well. 

But for some time now, she has had a desire to do more for herself, her career and for the community she calls home.

“Working at Northern Rockies Medical Center, I work with a staff that’s dedicated to providing excellent care to our community. I feel part of that team as a Human Resources Professional. But I wanted to do more to help meet the needs of our community. There is a large shortage of mental health professionals in rural areas and I wanted to go into a field where I could make an impact,” Ashley said.

Knowing that is what she wanted to do, she started working on her Master’s degree in Clinical Rehab and Mental Health Counseling which will allow her to eventually obtain not only her Master’s degree but which will also allow her to become a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC).

While she works on finishing her schooling, Ashley will continue working at NRMC in their Human Resources Department. But she is also going to be in an internship program for counseling under the guidance and leadership of Pam McFarland, a licensed counselor working for Counseling Connections in Conrad and Valier. 

“Pam is excellent and has years of experience and she will directly supervise me through my internship, which will end in December of this year when I graduate and get my license,” Ashley said. “I can start seeing patients in Cut Bank, right now, under Pam’s license. I will be seeing patients at NRMC. The good news for those patients, the co-pay, thanks to this being an internship, will only be $10. That is quite a savings for patients who would normally be charged more for a counseling session.”

Ashley will set up all her own appointments for her patients and begin holding counseling sessions in an office NRMC has allowed her to use for this service. To reach her, call 406-845-9102. 

If Ashley were to need Pam’s expertise for anything while counseling, Pam has made herself available to Ashley for any and all questions. Pam, will not, however, be in the counseling sessions. Ashley will be holding those on her own and is more than qualified to do that.

“For the last six weeks, I have been in education classes with Pam, learning her technique and the tools she uses, so she could make sure I am on the right track with my patients.”

With Ashley starting to see patients, she believes it will be great continuity of care for her patients when she is truly on her own. 

“When patients start with me now and continue their counseling with me when I am licensed, it will be a great way to continue the work we have started and nice for them to not only get to know one counselor, but stay with one too,” she offered.

Becoming an LCPC is truly Ashley’s calling, she said and one she is very excited to be able to offer to patients in this area. 

“I am an easy-going person and I listen really well,” she said, two qualities she believes will put her patients at ease with her during their sessions. 

“There really is a shortage of mental health counselors in rural areas throughout the country. It is my hope to be able to make a positive impact in our community by offering this service right here,” she said.

“I feel very fortunate that NRMC will allow me to see patients through my internship at NRMC. I really enjoy the work I have been doing there with them for the last four years and have felt like I am part of the NRMC family. It is the work I have been doing there and seeing the excellent care being provided by everyone at NRMC, that has inspired me to want to do more,” she continued. “It is my hope that I can make a difference in our community, healing mind, body and soul and make Cut Bank the best place it can be.”

Ashley has been in Cut Bank for the past four years and loves everything about this community and plans on staying here when her own practice gets underway. 

Her husband of two years is Jace Kimmet, a Cut Bank native.

This is a new career for this young lady and one she said she is “very excited” about starting. 

“I would encourage people to come and try one session with me,” she invited.

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